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Hussain Sajwani – Taking Damac Properties to New Heights of Success

Hussain Sajwani is a powerful businessman who has dreamt of making it big from the very beginning. Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman of Damac Properties, one of the leading global real estate firms in Dubai. The company operates in many other countries, including in the United Kingdom, Qatar, United States, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and even some parts of Africa.

Hussain Sajwani has helped Damac Properties reach new heights of success with his strategic vision and business development plans. The company has grown manifolds in sizes from the time of its inception in 2002 and has constructed over 44,000 residential apartments so far.

Damac Properties primarily deals in building luxurious residential and commercial properties for the affluent society. The designs of the properties built by Damac Properties are developed in conjunction with the internationally acclaimed designers such as Fendi and Versace. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Hussain Sajwani wants the properties developed by the company to be high-end and ultra modern. The company is also known for its unique marketing stunts such as giving away sports and executive cars with every apartment purchase.

Hussain Sajwani started his journey into the world of business by launching a catering and support services firm. The company was named as Al Jazeera Services and continues to be one of the top businesses in its market till date.

Hussain Sajwani is also known as one of the most passionate philanthropists in the country and is associated with many leading charities, local as well as international. Recently, Damac owner even gave away AED 2 Million in an initiative to provide clothing to one million poor and needy children worldwide.

Hussain Sajwani family is also popular for sharing friendly and cordial relations with the Donald Trump’s family. The real estate firm of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has worked on many different projects together and continues to develop high-end luxurious properties together.

They know each other for long, and over a period have grown to become friends rather than just business partners. Hussain Sajwani wants to put Damac Properties on the international map when it comes to real estate development and implements strategic measures to ensure the firm continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Contributions Made To The Changes in the Fashion Industry By Fabletics

While fashion is always changing, there are always some areas of fashion that are changing more slowly than others. There are many different factors that influence change. While the most influential factor in the state of the fashion industry is customer activity, there is still room for designers to try something new in order to see if the customers will like it. However, there is currently a cycle of change where fashion is undergoing experiments. Customers are quickly picking up the products that are offered to them, and then more changes are occurring. Among the changes that are occurring is that more creativity and inspiration is being brought towards fashion.


Among the companies that are bringing forth some new items in the fashion industry is Fabletics. One thing that Fabletics is doing is tackling sportswear. They are bringing a ton of variety forward for women with clothing that is very stylish and durable. Women can take advantage of their unique sense of style and save money because of the material the items are made of. There are a lot of advantages for members of the Fabletics brand. People can find a lot of sportswear clothing with personality. They are going to be happy with their purchase and enjoy wearing their items around.


One advantage that people get with Fabletics is that they will eventually like every item they have. When people find that every outfit they have on is their favorite outfit, then they have succeeded at building their own style. This is one of the effects of the changes in the fashion industry. Fabletics is also ahead of the other companies in that they focus on making sure that the items are created in good environments. This is to ensure environmental friendliness as well as social responsibility, which is lacking in the average fast fashion company.


With Fabletics, people will learn to appreciate themselves for their accomplished sense of style. People who do have a certain style that they desire to bring out will find even more options that could give them ideas. They may surpass their style with Fabletics and look forward to more seasons.

Doe Deere: The Queen of Unicorns

Known as the “Queen of Unicorns” and often recognized with her bright and fun hair, Doe Deere is known for her leading and growing cosmetic company, Lime Crime. The brand Lime Crime is popular because of its unique makeup shades and cute product packing, which resulted in a company that gained fame fast. With business and personal success, growth, and profit rising quickly at surprising rates, many makeup enthusiasts and business professionals want to know what the secret formula is for Doe Deere’s manifestation (as well as what pastel hair shade she is currently rocking).

Although born and (mostly) raised in Russia, Doe Deere was determined to make a life for herself in the United States when first arriving in New York City when she was only 17 years old. Deere’s dream when entering the big city was to become a musician, and she made it happen! Doe Deere joined a band, where she met the man she now calls her husband. Although both Doe Deere and her husband had a passion for making music and songwriting, they joined together to create Lime Crime. When Doe Deere was asked about her and her husband’s business partnership, Doe replied that she and her husband learned how to work well and effectively together back in their musical band days, and that those shining skills transferred to their business endeavors.

Although Doe Deere runs Lime Crime with her husband, much of the creative and unique aesthetic comes from Doe herself. Doe Deere reported that before Lime Crime had been created, she would have trouble finding the bright hues that she wanted to express her makeup style with. Doe Deere turned her frustration into creation, as she decided that Lime Crime would offer shades that typically wouldn’t be found in other makeup brand lines. Surprised at how many other people wanted the shades that Lime Crime had to offer, Doe quickly found herself on the growing ladder of success.

Lime Crime is an amazing example of how unique ideas can be the seeds for business growth. Luckily, Doe Deere decided to plant those seeds, as she may give others the inspiration to express their creative sides both inside and outside of the makeup industry.


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Lefkofsky Seeks to Find Connections in Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky, CEO and co-founder of Tempus, feels that several data points are the only way to successfully treat cancer. His company Tempus has the goal of creating databases about data from cancer patients. These databases, he hopes, will help to create individualized goals in the cancer treatment field.Lefkofsky explained at a recent conference that data is in no short supply. There is an overabundance of genomic and therapeutic data, but there is no current databases that combine them. Cancer patients have multiple kinds of data collected on them, but he feels like there needs to be one database that combines them. What kind of therapy worked? What outcome did this treatment have? Multiple data points are gathered during the treatment, but a database that combines the all would allow doctors to make an informed decision about cancer treatment and next steps.

He feels information should flow more freely and the doctors need to know what treatments are working and what is not. An example he gave was about the breast cancer patients who are taking herceptin. If only 40% of patients are being effectively treated, then why is the other 60% falling short? What other factors are causing their treatments to not respond? His idea behind a database connecting all of this data will help to find those answers.

This entrepreneur originally started in the business as a co-founder of Groupon. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he quickly changed his focus. He went with his wife to her treatments and saw how the information was exchanged between doctors. His idea is to build another layer to the existing databases. This layer will help to find a connection between patients, treatments, and results. This database will help to judge the effectiveness of any given treatment and why it worked for that patient. You can also follow him on twitter :


Redefining Higher Education System through the Do Good Institute

One of the best ways to change the society is by changing its education system. The Do Good Institute is doing nothing short of that. This is a new initiative is set to change the society by introducing them to the concept of non-profit organization during their formative years.

The Do Good Institute is a concept introduced to the University of Maryland by Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen after the Forbes reported sale of Atlanta Hawks in 2014. With $75 million dollars seeded money, the couples approached the institution, and with a good response, the University of Maryland added an extra $20 million dollars for the initiative to start.

Mr. Levenson speaking during an interview ( explained that the need to come up with Do Good Institute was arrived at after observing many nonprofit organizations fail. Despite being managed by leaders with integrity, most of those leaders lacked the needed skills to operate a business. Through the introduction of the Do Good curriculum, Levenson hopes that the new institute will be able to nurture nonprofit organizational leaders who will be equally a competitive as their private counterparts. So far with the first class being offered the program has been able to see positive progress.

Since the Do Good Institute seeks to educate the next generation to take leadership mantle in the nonprofit organization, it has another underlying mission. The do Good Institute unlike the current curriculum makes use of practical information as opposed to through. Therefore, by teaching the principles of doing good, by default, the Campus is being transformed into a Do Good institution.

With the enormous success of the institution, Levenson projects some hurdles. For instance, with the current change of curriculum to online based studies, this curriculum cannot withstand much ground. However, hopes are still high for its success. If the society is giving thoughts to the online learning system, then it will consider the Do Good Institute method as well.

About Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a distinguished businessman. Notably, Bruce was associated with the ownership of Atlanta Spirit, LLC that he sold in 2014. He has ownership in United Communications Group (UCG). Mr. Bruce is a graduate of Washington University and American University where he graduated with a bachelor’s in Arts degree and J.D respectively.

Making Money With Traveling Vineyard – Is It Reliable Income?

Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the best companies today in the world of wine because of their great opportunities for those looking to make extra money. There’s several questions you may be having in regards to whether this is a reliable job or not. It’s true that it can definitely be an up and down process, but here’s a quick up and down understanding on this process. Making money with Traveling Vineyard can definitely be interesting.

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You may earn anywhere between $80-$100 from a single wine tasting event. It can change and something that goes lower and even higher depending on your efforts. The truth is that you are not in any way or form limited by that at all. In fact, you can make money and make sales on a daily basis by simply chatting it up with good friends, old colleagues, family, and the people you meet throughout your day. Networking events are greta too because then you can keep in contact with each other knowing that it is a business setting involved. Making money in this industry is very interesting and can be quite rewarding. Traveling Vineyard is the one place to be because they can give you all the great opportunities to make some serious cash and also learn from their experts. This is a business worth pursuing. It can open doors for you and give you great chances to grow as a person to develop your craft in networking and speaking to other people constantly.

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Doug Levitt Inspiring People at Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is a famous singer in the United States who has transformed many people lives in the world through using Greyhound Diaries. He schooled in public school at Washington DC then he moved to Cornell University where he his degree. His hard work and commitment made him attain Fulbbright Scholarship therefore he learned a lot with the scholarship through attain experience and expertise. Furthermore he went to London School of Economics where he got his master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism. ABC, NBC and CNN are some of the media channels which he worked as a foreign communicator and broadcasted from Bosnia, Iran and London.

Through the skills made him begin Greyhound Diaries because he also loved music and Greyhound Diaries uses music to convey information to the struggling travelers. The company made a lot of development and accomplishment by traveling more than 120,000 miles by using Greyhound buses furthermore the company has been running for more than 10 years with no challenges occurring. What happens the traveler’s thoughts are heard these allow them to be helped and also supplying their stories, images and songs in the manner which they are struggling.For inspiring and exhibition purposes Greyhound Diaries partnered with WPA-era projects. They display the whole images of America. The Kennedy Center, Woody Guthrie Center, Walter reed, institution and Southern Law Center are the groups which Doug Levitt and his workers side together in their developments.

Greyhound Stories are well known due to their inspiration stories they deliver to people and changing their lives to be much better through learning from other on what they are struggling from hence they are recognized with media channels hence they are featured and broadcasted in daily CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.Doug Levitt proud to be part of the excellent work that is done to change people lives hence he has been motivated to do more through him being recognized in published writing, photo exhibits and web series. He also determined to make more music and encourage people to listen to other people stories to learn more about how to deal with problems.

Arthur Becker Pursues Boutique Condo Project

Arthur Becker is a tech mogul who successfully maneuvered into the real estate world by setting up roots in New York. Becker has been one of the primary investors behind guys like Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney and of course Robert Gladstone. Over the years Becker has led his success straight to his newest gig: becoming the name on the side of the building. Becker is looking to transition into the frontline of real estate development as he focuses on his own condo project.

According to, back in 2012 Becker went ahead and purchased the building at 465 Washington for a rounded figure of $6.2 million. Becker had purchased the building at a discount from a former architect who was looking at potential foreclosure. Becker swooped in and also bought neighboring properties in order to prepare himself, years in advance, for what he is calling a ‘primer project’. This primer project, of course, is the eight unit condo that Becker has been putting his passion and focus into for the past couple of years.

The boutique condo is aiming for a sellout of $53 million when it is all complete. Right now the building sits at five stories but after development is finished the building should see an additional five stories added Inside of the building you will see a boutique, artisinal vibe that has been designed by Paris Forino. Becker is focused on developing what should be an in-demand piece of property that he called, “A size I can manage.” Becker has always been in love with this section of Tribeca so the purchase and corresponding development makes total sense.

Becker has been a force for a long time in the New York development area. Estimates from analytic firms put Becker’s contributions to the city development scene at nearly $500 million. This level of contribution is unheard of from someone that most people wouldn’t be able to pick out of a line up. Still, Arthur Becker has a laudable resume with offices around the globe thanks to his work with Navisite — a tech company quoted on the NASDAQ that profited under his leadership.

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The Innovation Of EOS Lip Balm

EOS, Evolution of Smooth emerged into store shelves seven years ago and changes the lip balm industry. Selling at big chain stores like Walgreens, Well, Target and Walmart, EOS reaches everyday shoppers as well as reaching celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. EOS now sells over one million lip balms a week becoming the second leading lip balm in the United States. Sanjiv Mehra joined forces with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to change the making and distribution of lip balm.

Tailored toward women, Mehra, Teller and Dubitsky worked with clay artists to redesign the long slender shape of traditional lip balm. Repackaging lip balm into a soft circular shape with a variety of different colors, it appeals to all five senses of consumers. EOS lip balm also provides beauty shoppers with different smells and flavors ( while still using organic ingredients. Competing with larger lip balm companies like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, the startup company created a production facility to meet growing product demand.

To target millennial women between 25 and 35, EOS creators went beyond conventional marketing of magazine and television ads. EOS reached out to beauty bloggers to review the lip balm on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. To further drive product sales EOS placed endorsements in millennial celebrity music video’s and concert tours. In seven years EOS lip balm became a household name that’s partnered with Keds shoes and created limited edition lip balm collections with Rachael Roy. Continuing to revolutionize the beauty aisle EOS created shaving creams and hand lotions.

Dick DeVos; the Compassionate Businessman

Compassion and selflessness are both virtues hard to exercise in a business setting. Any business’ primary aim is to maximize profits for its owner(s). Therefore, it takes uniqueness and compassion to be both a businessperson and a philanthropist simultaneously. However, Dick DeVos has defied all odds and practiced both of these arts excellently without failure in either.

Dick DeVos was born in 1955 and is the son of Richard DeVos co-founder of Amway. DeVos has served as CEO of consumer supplying company for roughly nine years. In 2006, he ran for Michigan Governorship but unfortunately lost. Backtracking to 2012, he was named as the 67th richest person in America with an approximate net worth of 5.1 billion dollars. DeVos is a family man whose wife, Betsy DeVos, is the current United States Secretary of Education.

Dick DeVos with his wife’s support has been a major financier of the international art competition and festivals for the last eight years. The event has caught the eye of the globe and has hence attracted many visitors. They provided the financial muscle of 1.7 million dollars to launch the competition through their family foundation. Moreover, they have provided an extra 450,000 dollars to cater for the contest’s prizes and rewards.

Dick’s family charitable acts mainly revolve around the education sector. Having noted the huge cracks in the system, the family could not just sit and fold hands as if all was well. The system was in shambles, and they had to act swiftly. In 2015, they made allotment of over 3 million dollars to the education system in the country, which was tantamount to only 26 percent of their giving in that lone year. Besides, their family foundation extended a total of 357,000 dollars towards education reform groups.

In that very same year, the family made generous offers that amounted to 11.6 million dollars while their extended family handed out well over 104 million dollars in charity donations. In Forbes scale, the family ranked 24th among America’s Top Givers. The family’s lifetime giving to date has led the way amounting to 1.33 billion dollars which amount to 25% of their whole family fortune.

In 2013, the DeVos made huge donations totaling to 90.9 million dollars. The money was given towards the development of education, churches, community services, health and in support of art& culture. In 2014, they made a subsequent back-to-back hand out of 94 million dollars which were allotted to the same sectors. Dick DeVos and his entire family believe in giving, and they insist that it is not about the material possession one would acquire with their vast wealth but by how much one gives with the aim of helping others.