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Choose NexBank For Superior Financial Services

NexBank is a superior financial institution that provides great personalized account services. Best of all, you have an opportunity to set goals with your business and commercial account services too. There are many people that are frustrated with their current financial institute. They are looking for a bank that will put there money to work for them. John Holt is the CEO of NexBank financial. They also have FDIC insurance along with over $74.4 billion dollars in assets to back up their clients money. Get your money to work for you with the help of secure financial support from the NexBank experts.

NexBank Available Services

– free checks

– no fee ATM’s

– credit counseling

IRA accounts

– money marketing accounts

– anytime access

– multiple device capabilities

– and much more…

Are you struggling with huhe financial debt in school? NexBank offers private student loans that gives you better interest rates with your college expenses. Many people have struggled with the government student loans that have led to debt for both students and their parents. NexBank financial has created a merger through college savings bank that has allowed them to offer access to over 1,300 college savings programs.

In fact, you can also live the American Dream and get your first home through NexBank. Their merger with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity has allowed them to offer lower mortgage rates and interest. You can buy a home and don’t have to worry about foreclosure because of high interest rates. They’ve made it possible for more people to own a home for the first time. Their program has helped many low income and moderate income people buy a home in the local area. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their mortgage tab listed on their website for more details.

Cosmetic Giant: Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley has a social media following and lots of fans thanks to her brand of beauty. In 2009, she launched her cosmetic brand with the concept of looking as young as possible in part to botanical ingredients. She uses her brand as more of a chemistry trial and error and finding the end goal of what gets results. She continues to revamp her products and if they are not resulting in positive results and feedback than she will either tweak or toss them.

Good Genes is one of the best products on her line. She uses it about three times a week. Her skin-care routine is to use multiple serums, creams, face washes, and sunscreen so she can help prevent many parts of the aging process. She has yet to tackle the hair care market, but she is not opposed to trying some products in her brand in the future.

In 2011, she had a makeup line as well. Unfortunately, there was not enough marketing for it, and her brand had not been around long enough yet for people to know and understand the company entirely. She pulled back from the makeup for a while, but she still has a few products here and there. Currently, she launched a new foundation with many different shades that she developed herself.

Sunday Riley gives some advice for people who want great skin and simply states to wash their face. She says that people do not do it enough and even if you put on countless amounts of skin-care products, your face will not take to any of it with all the dirt and grime still on your face.

Sunday Riley is proud of her job and the impact she can have on women all over the world. She views her name and brand as a duty to keep women informed and offer products that are not a gimmick. She states that she is pleased knowing people use her line and wants to keep making more and better skin-care items and options for women.

21st Century Medical Aesthetics & Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

The 21st century has opened up the door for more advanced technologies in all fields of work. The medical community greatly benefit from these technologies, and Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute certainly has its fair share of advanced technologies, including Crisalix 3D Imaging and SmartGraph hair transplantation. One of the top plastic surgeons in Texas works at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and he has made a huge impact in the medical community. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a high-profile plastic surgeon, is beloved throughout this dynamic field of work. Serving his patients is what gets the fire burning for this guy, and he has a long list of happy clients that will attest to this statement.

Providing the safest possible environment for all patients is one of his main goals. Dr. Jejurikar is an advocate for safer medical practices, and he has spoke at numerous medical conventions. Dr. Jejurikar has provided work for the breast, face, nose, eyes and butt. He is a Brazilian-butt lift specialist to some degree, and he uses some of the latest techniques to get the job done. In addition to that, this man has his very own skincare line of products. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and the products are composed of high-quality, medical-grade ingredients. This is state-of-the-art skin care at its finest. In addition to the medical-grade components, these products are loaded with natural ingredients. Jojoba oil, vitamin C and antioxidants make up the consistency of these products. With consistent use, many patients have experienced a reduction in wrinkles, decreased laugh lines and lower firmer skin.

Dr. Jejurikar has set a new precedent in plastic surgery. It would be extremely hard trying to find another plastic surgeon with this much clout and with this much ambition.

Fortress Investment Group Co CEO Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a high ranking executive in the financial services industry. He currently serves as the co chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served as a partner and investment manager at Goldman Sachs. Briger brings a lot of expertise and experience to the financial services industry. With this knowledge and expertise, he has been able to help a number of investors better manage their capital as well as assist investment firms become more successful. Briger has also spent a lot of his time in the community when he is not working. Peter has been involved in a number or projects that have improved the communities in both New York City and San Francisco. He was also named to the Forbes list of billionaires and richest Americans list as well. View Peter Briger’s profile on Linkedin

Today, Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group which is a leading private equity management firm. Since 2002, Peter has helped the firm expand to many markets worldwide and expand their available services to investor clients. Briger became a member of the firm’s management committee in 2002. Within the next several years, Peter would attain other high ranking positions in the firm. Nowadays, he is one of the leading executives of the firm and participates in its overall strategy and administration.

Before he became a member of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs which is one of the leading investment firms in the financial services industry. Briger spent many years helping the firm with its expansion to foreign markets. During his stint at Goldman Sachs, Briger helped the firm make an expansion in Asia. As well as aiding the expansion, he would also help a number of investor clients in that region as well. Peter was part of numerous Asian committees which allowed him to make progress towards client acquisition in that region of the world. In 1996, Peter would attain a partnership role at the firm. His experience and leadership allowed Goldman Sachs to continue establishing itself as a top financial services and investment management firm.

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Upwork Makes It Easier To Get Work Done Faster

When you use a website like Upwork to get things done you possess very interesting type of power. You become connected to a situation that is going to be able to help you complete tasks, and the interesting thing is that these are workers that you may not have access to anywhere else. You do not know just how many people can do the job that you need to get completed. You may be thinking that there are no people that may have the certifications or the skill level that you need for a certain type of job. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

If you get connected to Upwork you will be surprised to find if there are workers all over the world that have the exact skills that you’re looking for. The reality is that you have just been looking in the wrong places for all these times if you have been missing project deadlines. You do not have to be short-staffed when it comes to the workers. You may have the upper hand on any adversaries or competition when you discover Upwork. You discover a pool of talent that is at your fingertips and eager to please when it comes to their freelance work.

If you have not invested in this yet you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to get things done efficiently. People that have utilized Upwork before are pleased with the results, and they are even telling their friends about this. It may be one of the greatest inventions in the area of outsourced work. You do not need to fret when it comes to the things that you have on your to-do list. You can get with a multitude of workers and accomplish so much more than you could ever do on your own. This makes Upwork one of the best sites for those that do not have a lot of time to waste. Your job should be to oversee a project. You should never put yourself in place where you are so engaged in a multitude of tasks that you do not have time to look at the overall picture and see if you are effectively accomplishing of these things.

OSI Group Wrangles Another Facility For Themselves

OSI Group, a global leading food processing company, which supplies value-added protein items and other food products to leading foodservice and retail brands, wrangles an opportunity to expand its number of production factories and storage. It was founded in 1909 under the name OSI Industries, Inc. and based in Aurora, Illinois. Since their name change in 2004, OSI Group, LLC has been offering great food production for many different meals like sous vide, pizza, baked snacks, hot dog and sausage processing. Along with its fried food, it also provides sandwich and entree assemblies. Led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, one of their senior executive vice presidents of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, seized an opportunity to expand their growing business. To learn more  about OSI Group visit Bloomberg.

Kevin Scott said in a press release, “This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers. We are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI Group manufacturing network.”

Excited they should be because these new facilities came from one of their competitors. Another world-renowned food producer, Tyson Foods, is closing some facilities in Chicago to redistribute the workload to improve their efficiencies. One of their food processing facilities and storage warehouses happened to be in close proximity to one of OSI Group’s pre-existing facilities. OSI Group believes that acquiring this 200,000 square foot closing facility will add necessary infrastructure to aid its continual business growth. Not much was disclosed however about the financial terms of the deal or what types of processing would be done at this new facility, but OSI Group will be sure to see a profit come out of this opportunistic deal. This new purchase will add to OSI Group’s nearly 60 facilities that they have in 17 different countries, of which OSI China holds the bulk of the workload.

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Shervin Pishevar Maximizes Twitter’s Potential

Twitter makes things much easier for a well-known professional to reach the public. Shervin Pishevar uses Twitter to the social media platform’s fullest potential. On a routine basis, Pishevar tweets about tech, business, philanthropy, and his ventures. Hyperloop One receives numerous mentions. A February 2018 tweet storm, however, drew the media to take a look at his musings.


Shervin Pishevar maintains a high profile in the tech and venture capital world. His current involvement with Virgin Hyperloop One raised his already excellent profile even higher. The tweet storm managed to cover topics outside of Pishevar’s business dealing. The entrepreneur discussed matters related to Bitcoin, the stock market, tech monopolies, and more. Since media websites picked up on the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar’s messages reached a larger audience than he likely expected. Is a tweet storm an effective means of communicating with the public though?


Tweeting gets a message out there. A tweet storm rapidly delivers a multitude of tweets. That alone leads followers to take a closer look. Something special must be occurring. Why else would the author tweet up a storm?


Whether launching into a tweet storm or sending out a limited number of messages, the tweeter’s commentary reaches an audience. Any controversy surrounding a tweet storm might lead to an even bigger audience following the platform. Shervin Pishevar surely wants to grow his following. Since Shervin Pishevar feels people could lose money on Bitcoin and the stock market, his tweet storm served as an alarm. Pishevar isn’t fond of factors influencing the Dow and the cryptocurrency world. The tweet storm allowed him to share his concerns.


Followers impressed by Pishevar’s past performance in the business world may find his opinions thought-provoking. It will be interesting to see if the predictions prove prophetic.


Could Shervin Pishevar effectively get his message out without Twitter? Anything is possible. However, the surprise factor associated with the tweet storm contributed to its press. The publicity helped Pishevar broadcast his opinions without spending any advertising money. Who wouldn’t want a benefit like that?

A Review Of The Career Of The Host Of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV air on the AMC Network and Ion Television affiliates. The Washington-based award winning show focuses on entertainment, celebrity interviews, and technology. The show has been on the air for close to 3 decades, starting out in March 1990 and airing more than 1,200 episodes. The program is hosted by Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Andrew Tropeano.

Tropeano has worked with the show for more than 8 years, and besides his role as a co-host he is also an Executive Producer. He holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from American University, and a Masters in Business earned from New York University. In a recent interview he expressed excitement to be part of the show, getting the chance to interview entrepreneurs and talk about fortune 500 companies or exciting new start-ups.

He notes that he was inspired by his father, who worked for major news outlets like CNN and The Washington Post. His father’s appreciation for the industry shaped Tropeano’s interest in pursuing a career in journalism. He points out that while attending American University he had opportunities for internships and to gain real-world experience. The program allowed them to spend time in the studios at NBC and produce news shows that would air campus-wide. It was his childhood, the time at the university and at NBC studios that defined the career that he would end up pursuing.

Torpeano states that his short-term coal is to continue to advance his career with the show and the help NewsWatch become a major showcase for companies. He considers that one of the keys to productivity is loving what you do, but that the real key to his sense of productivity is his inner drive. He mentions that he has an inner desire to move forward, to learn new things, and to constantly improve himself.


James River Capital’s Stance on Leadership

Leadership is not something some people are born with, and others aren’t. Like any kind of hobby, skill or trait, guidance can be improved and trained. It is as trainable as any type of productivity or positive habit, and it requires persistence and patience in order to develop a great leadership style.


At James River Capital Corporation, they take leadership as one of the most important personality and behavioral traits in a company. Leadership is the act of leading a team and making everyone comfortable in working together towards a similar goal.


James River Capital Corporation has many leaders that have transformed the small firm into the business juggernaut that it is today, and one of those leaders is the prestigious business developer Paul Saunders, who acquired the company from Kidder in 1995.


According to the company, leadership requires a lot of effort from the leader, and it is not about doing less and having more, but it is more about being very disciplined and living as an inspiration to others. Leadership is also about sacrifice, patience and listening as well.


Many young wannabe entrepreneurs don’t understand that leaders sacrifice a lot in order to move their teams and do the undone. Leaders not only lead the way but they also act as the company’s reputation and face, essentially protecting their employees and assuming the responsibility for what the corporation stands for.


James River agrees that leaders shouldn’t worry about “leading” their teams, because that is the natural course of the company when there is a responsible, inspiring person in charge. Instead, people who want to become leaders have to learn to become supporters in every aspect possible. Teams require support from above, and leaders receive followers who are able to fight and work for the company’s vision because they have a supportive leader who encourages them and helps them grow.


Leaders from all types of companies need to learn how to put their employees in what is called a “psychological safety,” because research shows that the majority of any company’s staff withholds critical information from their bosses because of fear.


To improve that scenario, it is essential for leaders to reinforce that they are there to help and give support to their employees. Leaders are like the eyes of the company, who can see the whole picture, and employees are the working cells who do their respective duties.


In order for the whole corporation to function, employees need to be comfortable in giving their honest opinions, and leaders need to understand that ideas are welcome whether they are positive or negative, because they come from perspectives that you, as a leader, might be missing.


In general, leadership is about helping, not necessarily about assuming the highest role in a corporation. Employees will see you as a natural leader once you assume more responsibilities and once you start to show the traits of a true leader.

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Organo Gold: Gourmet Coffees in Business

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold with cofounder Shane Morand. Chua is a multi-level marketing expert and Morand is an expert in sales training and team development. Together they built the coffee company’s independent distributor opportunity that has grossed more than $35,000,00.00 in ten years. Their products sell in eight countries and their top earners make between $350,000.00 to $4,000,000.00 per year. Although these results are not typical, independent distributors of Organo Gold products do earn a fifty percent commission on sales.

Bernie as his closest associates call him, set out to offer a healthier version of the world’s second most consumed drink: coffee. He has a team of consultants who is known as the, “Scientific Advisory Board”, that does research on the products. Organo Gold uses gourmet coffee beans combined with ground Ganoderma mushroom known as reishi to create their products. Organo Gold combines this Asian herb Ganoderma, into all its products. The herb is said to aid with cholesterol, has antiviral properties, and other health benefits. Bernie’s great mission is to create a product line that is healthier and has more benefits than traditional coffees, teas, and supplements.

The Organo Gold line of products include coffee, green tea, hot chocolate, supplements, beauty soap, and other products. The product line is not sold in stores. Consumers must purchase from an independent distributor. With the commission plan being an impressive fifty per cent of sales, it encourages the most serious sales people to invest in the company with an initial start up fee. The cost to join the team is around $50. Those who would like to become a part of the Organo Gold team can sign up on their social website: The website includes history of the company, leadership information, testimonials from independent distributors and consumers. The starter kit contains samples and literature to help launch the Organo Gold independent distribution plan.