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Succeeding in Management: Kevin Seawright’s Pointers

The field of finance and administration requires someone who is dedicated and can lead others. There are those who have achieved a lot of success in the area because they are talented entrepreneurs of all time. Learn more about more Kelvin Seawright:

A good example is the Kelvin Seawright who has succeeded in even helping many different companies to grow financially and achieve their missions and financial goals within a given time.

Kevin Seawright has achieved such success because he loves his job and works with passion. That is the reason he is better than other entrepreneurs.

He is the founder and also the managing partner as well as the Chief Operating Officer for a company called Real Property Solutions LLC. He has developed his career for over ten years through giving services to both private and public sectors.

Serving others is what has shaped his career to this point. He even worked with the government and people were happy with the services he provided. He is also an educated man, having obtained an MBA from Almeda University. He also graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Executive Leadership.

That is the reason he has been outstanding in his career having the experience of working for the City of Baltimore. He worked as the Managing Fiscal Officer. Since then he has worked in other top executive positions.

He also worked in the city as the Finance Director in the Housing Department. He was also the Chief Financial Officer in the Department of Recreation and Parks. It is through holding such positions and having a rich educational background that Kevin Seawright can remain at the top of the game.

After serving the public sector for many years, he finally changed his career and started serving the private sectors. He was sought to offer services for Tito Contractors, a company that is located in Washington D.C. It is a corporation which provides construction services.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright later went back to the public sector where he continued serving people. He is passionate about what he does, and that is why many have loved his work. It is because he works from the bottom of her heart and he is happy to see small organizations achieve their missions and visions.

Kim Dao’s Trip To Shibuya

Beauty and lifestyle YouTube blogger Kim Dao recently released a video about her day spent in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. She started out the day in front of the EF school which teaches foreigners in Japan about the language, culture, history, and manga of the country. As Kim Dao is from Australia she is well acquainted with this school.

Her first stop is outside the always busy Shibuya subway station. While there she shows us the famous crosswalk just outside of the subway stations Hachiko exit. She also shows us the well-known Hachiko statue which is a black and brown statue of a dog.

One of the things that Kim Dao loves about Shibuya is the large variety of shopping experiences the area has. Some of Kim Dao’s favorite stores in Shibuya includes ITS’DEMO, Forever 21, and Tokyu Hands. She also says that Genki Sushi Co. Ltd. has some of the best sushi in Shibuya. Genki Sushi lets you order on a screen and the sushi comes out to you on a tray. She says many of the dishes they serve are only about 100 yen, or $1.

Kim Dao also loves to perform karaoke and she shows us one of her favorite parlors for this. She also us a game center which features tons of unique video games. Kim Dao also took the time to show us around the dollar store Daiso. Another place that she shows is a convenience store and how different they are then in the rest of the world.

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Dick and Betsy Devos’ Big Hearts

Dick and Betsy DeVos are passionate about giving a helping hand to the less fortunate and their generosity has lift an eyebrow to some people who claim they are after political popularity. The truth, however, is the couple believes that being wealth is not about what one wears or what car one drives but the ability to give to those in need. Recently, Forbes ranked them position twenty-four in the top giver list. The family gave an account of how they have given the one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars.

The DeVos’ first passion is helping schools so that all the school especially the ones at less fortunate neighborhood can have privilege as the rest. In 2015, they gave a total twenty-six percent of their total donations to schools. They have helped many schools and accountability of the support is important to them; they want to make sure what they do helps the children. Five years ago they launched an aviation school and forty percent of the students are from less fortunate families.

Art and Culture are Dicks and Betsy second focus, twenty-one percent of their charitable contributions fall here; they believe high-quality culture is a start to a great art culture. They previously had contributed twenty-two million dollars to launch DeVos Institute of Art Management at the University of Maryland.

The remainder of the share of the donation went to Health and Human Services five percent, civic, community and others sixteen percent, churches four percent, public policy twelve percent and leadership and development thirteen percent. The couple is never interested in getting anything back, as long as they are sure the contributions are helping someone they are good. At Spectrum Health Foundation for instance, they were so pleased that donation will assist in finding a solution for childhood brain cancer. DeVos and his wife have included their children in their philanthropic work; they also know and understand the donation their parents make.

Dick DeVos has a vast of experience since he began his career path in 1974. He started working at Amway a company his father founded, before becoming the vice president in 1984 he held different positions in marketing, sales R$D, and finance. As vice president, DeVos led the company to triple its sales in foreign markets and opening new markets. He later was the president and CEO of Orlando Magic a basketball franchise, before he was appointed everyone believed in him, guests called him a business and political specialized. He then left to take over the presidency of Amway after his dad’s retirement and during his reign, the company flourished and expanded business to over fifty countries; he then retired from his father’s company to be the President of the Windquest Group.


Construcap Continues to be a Top Brazilian Company

One of the ten largest constructions enterprises in Brazil, Construcap has continuously exceeded its expectations. Not many companies repeatedly outperform its previous years. Construcap is one of the few companies that have done so. It’s a management-based construction company that specializes in the continuous development of industry processes and people.

Construcap has an inimitable commitment to its clients. Rather than focusing how the best to ways to increase profits, Construcap tries to make its clients’ dreams come true. It’s what made the company one of the best in the country. The other company secret that has made Construcap one of the best is its Integrated Management System. It operates a system like no other.

Founded in 1944, Construcap has developed a rich, strong bond with the people of Brazil. While many other Brazilian companies like to take advantage of people’s beliefs; Construcap is trying to bring the corporate world and the real world together. Corporate sustainability is critical to Construcap. Many of its most recent operational developments have been updated to promote socio-environmental development on

The company has also instituted several training programs for residents. The company would prefer to hire and train local people rather than hire from outside the region. The training programs aim at empowering the surrounding communities on By rejuvenating the local area, the employees have a more positive attitude toward their work. The happier the employees are, the better production rate and quality.

Construcap’s training programs inspired an entirely philanthropic passion. Construcap has gone beyond training new employees. Construcap is one of the leading charity supports in the region. The company gives to all sorts of organizations. Most of the organizations that Construcap supports are youth-based organizations. Construcap truly believes the children are the future.

Community partnership is a key factor in Construcap’s success at The buildings and facilities it produces are some of the most outstanding structures in Brazil. It’s because of its employees, the people, that Construcap has such a renowned name. Its founders are surely proud of the company today.

Benefits of Choosing Equities First, LLC

If you are seeking a private equity holdings company specializing in non-purpose shareholder financing when applying for a loan other than publicly equity securities, Equities First Holding, LLC, offers non-recourse lending repayment options based on profits gained on what the loan is funded for. Equities First Holding, LLC, is a global private equity financial institution with offices in six countries across the globe: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition to non-purpose shareholder financing, Equities First Holding, LLC, also specializes in alternative corporate financing solutions for critical capital investment decisions in order to meet business objectives.

The private limited company was founded over a decade ago by Al Christy, Jr., who is the President and CEO. He not only has more than two decades of experience in development and management of financial institutions, Christy’s expertise at Equities First Holding, LLC, also includes strategic planning, development of emerging markets, strategic cash-flow management, as well as global resource development and allocation. With Christy’s team of highly knowledge individuals who are professionals in financing, investing, lending and trading, the company services both individual investors and businesses to meet clients’ goals by making assessments of current and future performances to determine if any risks exist in bonds, stocks and treasuries when making decisions about distributing loans. Furthermore, Equities First Holding, LLC, specializes in capital on traded shares throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, along with the United Kingdom and the United States on public exchanges, and has so far distributed $1.4 billion.

The holding firm specializes in stock-base loans as well, which is a type of loan that offers low interests rates for clients seeking quick capital without providing reason, purpose, or obligation (i.e., adding value to a portfolio without selling its investment) so that lenders can liquidate stocks for a return on investment. And, for individual investors or businesses who cannot obtain a credit-based loan, Equities First Holdings, LLC, is not effected by any type of limited lending criteria like other banks that have increase their interests rates because of newer regulations.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Practice in Cosmetic Surgery and Her Achievements

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a trained plastic surgeon. She is doubtlessly one of the most famous surgeons in Austin Texas due to her regular appearances on the media. She has vast experience in conducting cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, she is constantly sought by the media to shed light on latest development in cosmetic surgery.



Walden is a registered medical practitioner and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This gives her a license to practice her skills and expertise anywhere in the world. She also plays an active role as a member of America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Besides, she is a former student of the American College of Surgeons.


Before relocating to Texas, Jennifer Walden was conducting her practice in New York City. While in this city, she worked in various hospitals that include Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat as well as in Lenox Hill Hospitals. Additionally, Dr. Walden was lecturing at New York University as an instructor of cosmetic surgery.



Currently, she lives in Texas and runs her surgery center. She has employed other people to help her with the daily operations of the business. You can find her surgery center in Westlake. Dr. Walden mission is to offer quality, safe and up to standard services to people in need of plastic surgery.



Several Medias have appreciated Jennifer prowess and professionalism in her career. The Harper’s Bazaar Magazine selected her among the 24 beauty surgeons across the United States. Besides, the Texas Monthly recognizes her as the Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Walden was also recognized by the America association of plastic surgeons by inviting her to join the board of directors. Notably, she is the first woman ever to get a membership with this prestigious organization.



Walden has also featured in several publications famous in the US. Apart from appearing in Harper’s Bazaar Magazines, she has also featured in Teen Vogue, Vogue, Self-Shape, Bridal Guide, Absolute and New York Magazines among others. Besides, she has appeared on Fox News, NBC, CBS, KVUE television channels and many more.


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Taking care of business; private companies in the wake of an oil revolution in Mexico


There’s been talk that some smaller private companies (i.e. Petroleum, Sierra Oil, Diarqco, Nuvoil, Renaissance Oil, and Cotemar) will be jumping on the renewed energy bandwagon in Mexico at any time now. Working for a successful private oil company is a dream for most people in the industry. At least this is what it should be like for those working on a governmental oil rig(s). On the CNN affiliate news website Expansión, some things never rest.


The feature article entitled “The Silent Revolution” which was written a couple of months ago (Nov. 2016) and focused on the success of some private companies receiving tenders in the wake of some of the industry’s “bigger fish.” The governmental oil exploration contract that will brighten the economy of Mexico is taking place in the Trion Field.


In fact, the Mexican company, Cotemar, specializes in offshore construction, petroleum and maritime services, offshore maintenance, and specialized shipping. For more than 37 years, the company has managed to maintain a great repertoire with the proud dedication and commitment to the oil industry, especially their employees.


More expansion; companies facing challenges

It’s going to take a tough solid company to go in and continue the offshore “rough terrain” that certain companies have to follow. Cutting through, hurdling critics, and simply just wanting to work offshore to make a living doesn’t come smooth in the oil construction and maintenance industry. Facing years of potential work ahead, is the first of several challenges any company in a competitive industry will have to face. It’s business, yet, keeping the company within the legalities of it is like wrestling in the ring with no referees at times.


This term in governmental contracts state “with good faith” in many submittals in technical proposals when bidding for a contract. It’s good faith that joint ventures work honestly together, regardless of critics. Obviously, private companies such as the ones that are involved with such a prosperous oil contract ahead.


Following the legal side of things; the industry

With that being said, the oil industry needs more than one offshore oil company to work the Trion Field according to the Expansion’s article “The Silent Revolution” and other sources published (see below, sources) this last quarter of 2016.

Pemex is currently the second largest government owned oil company with eyes on oil assets in the country of Mexico’s offshore drilling and oil exploration. Yet, others are in the ring as well. Since the demand is high and the horizon looks bright for future oil drilling and exploration, it’s not surprising. This happens all the time in the U.S., China, Africa,…and other countries; yet, when there’s a revolution that is silent, violent things can occur.


This is why it’s normally “hush-hush” since races are about to begin. But, this time it’s seems to be okay since there’s a lot at stake here. With those private companies getting through the first hurdle of simply bidding on these contracts, and getting the tenders, they know what’s expected when it comes to the offshore oil fields. As long as their proposals are factual with the manpower and having past performance and experience, along with certifications, insurance bonds,…etc., everything should go smoothly.


This is what makes for a fine government bidding competition and since it was recently said that the government did release tenders to private companies who must of won some bids in the oil exploration comp already, the work proceeds in the regulated terrain anyway.


In fact, oil regulator from Mexico did announce that Pemex has to take “a minimum 45% stake in its first-ever proposed joint venture.” This is to produce oil reserves in the Mexican region of the Gulf of Mexico. This statement was reported by Reuters, Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos). Compared to a “concession,”, being in a license contract, two operators have to have a stake in the proposed project. (That is within 30 to 45% of it for the other contractor.)


Therefore, the main challenge lands on the land bouts, various critics, and a hungry oil demand, so all in all, companies need to play nice. It’s business as usual, with oil tycoons like Pemex, there’s room for more oil exploration, production, and naturally, contractors, private or not.


Commitment to the oil crews

One main emphasis Cotemar places within the industry is the commitment they have with their employees. Without a good employer/employee relationship, Cotemar would not be so successful. After all, without the commitment of “crews”, how will a successful offshore and maritime company get things done. In fact, within the chain-of-command, employment with Cotemar is substantially a great, all-around company to work for.

The maintenance and construction services in the oil industry does not come without the oil field crews. When it comes to their personnel, they regard them as priceless, as do their contracts. The operational support of the maritime industry is only a small portion of their dedication to the oil field offshore.


Furthermore, they have illustrated this through their commitment to their staff and the people that work for them. With more than three decades of that continued support, they handle their employees’ food, lodging, and transportation needs while working under contract with the Mexican company. Also, included are the continued support for their personnel’s material necessities and ensuring their needs are met when it comes to their cost of living. With this comes the constant professional training and continuous work offshore or any petroleum and maritime employment services that are readily available to the company when under contract. In fact, as Cotemar comes in simply to work, it’ll also be good for Mexico’s economy. Rough or not, the oil industry has seen better days elsewhere, so this shouldn’t be anything to worry about only that two oil giants need to work and explore. Similarly, joint venture contracts like this that take place in other countries, such as the U.S. have seen this before hundreds of times. Although, since it’s Mexico, a lot of untouched territory can get some palms sweating. The critic buzz is high, yet so is the demand of oil reserves.


This would be considered a great thing if the proposed goals are worked out smoothly; in other words, everyone needs to just do their job. With this in mind, the “trauma” which cost 1M barrels daily from one other company, that also “reduced” an exhaustive company as well, will surpass. (Every company learns the hard way.)


Competition and partnering seem to be two opposite elements

Certain accounts need to be cleared before going into the deep ends of the water. Although, what really matters is everyone coming to the field with a clean slate to get work going, or exploring. Plus, with resolutions that need to be resolved for some, the best way to deal with sharing a contract, or Trion field, is to keep their eyes on the prize. “The Trion field holds some 480 MMbbls and will require about $11 billion worth of investment. The field covers about 483 sq. mi (1,250 sq. km) and is located under more than 8,202 ft. (2,500 m) of water.” Source: )


Success is consistent

Finally, with some loose ends currently being tightened, these new companies must face the wake of some giants that have silently awaken in the midst of a new year. At the same time, Pemex must learn to joint venture with others, and through the deep waters of the coasts of Mexico if opportunity rises. At the same time, they need to remember that these other small oil companies can be considered the bait for some even more larger fish in the waters that may want a stake at it too.


It’s best to remember that if there’s too many sharks treading the wakes, everyone feels the ripple effects. Therefore, when the real drilling begins and there’s the crude does get produced, Mexico’s oil reserves will become more prosperous, and so will all the men and their livelihoods. Because without those oil rig crews, there’s not any production. Nevertheless, the positive growth potential with all the oil boom that quietly awaits to be explored will enhance the Mexican economy regardless.




Slash Your Car Payments With Ignition Financial Refinancing

Almost everyone is familiar with the idea of refinancing a home. But, however, most people have never thought about refinancing their auto loans. In fact, many people do not even know that vehicle refinancing is readily available. There are several reasons why people are unfamiliar with the vehicle refinancing process. The first reason is that most people are not familiar with the car buying process in general and all of the intricacies involved in getting a good deal on their vehicle. Another reason is that car dealers have no incentive to make their customers aware of cheaper auto financing opportunities.


When people start to make a deal on a car that they want to buy, they usually are focused on the price of the vehicle as the main bargaining issue. The dealers are willing to cut the price of the car and offer you quick and easy in-house hassle free financing to get into your new car fast. Car dealers are professional negotiators, and they are experts at persuading people to go with their financing program. This is because they make a lot of money off of arranging the financing for your vehicle. Often, dealers make more from arranging the auto financing than they do off of selling the vehicle itself.


Most people don’t know it, but car dealers have an agreement with the banks that allows them to add on extra interest on the loans that they arrange. The dealer gets the loan from a lender at what is known as the “market rate.” The dealer then add some extra interest points onto the loan and makes an agreement with the buyer at a higher “contract rate.” The amount of extra interest added is limited only by the car dealers greed. The dealer will add as much interest as he thinks that he could get away with without killing the sale.


When you consider the price of a new car, you can easily see how these extra interest points are the reason that your monthly car payments are so high. Now that you know how you’ve been ripped off, you may be asking yourself, “How can I slash my payments?” The answer is simple. You can refinance your car with Ignition Financial and save a lot of money. The professional staff at Ignition Financial are experts at providing vehicle refinancing for people with all types of credit histories. Call Ignition Financial now to slash your car payments immediately.

George Soros comes back to the limelight

As you know, Americans voted in 2016. What you don’t know, is that the political game had many players and George Soros was one of them. He was not vying for any electoral position of course, but he was involved as a sponsor.

George is a Democrat supporter and enthusiast, and he had pledged money to the Hilary Clinton’s campaign. In 2004, he did the same as he didn’t want George Bush to win. He had committed approximately $27 million to the 2004 elections, but George Bush won the presidency. He later disappeared from the limelight although he continued to support the Democratic Party causes.

He came back so that he could support Hilary Clinton. There are three major reasons; his long term relationship with Clinton, his trust and faith in her and the fear of Trump winning. His opinion of Donald Trump is what motivated him to commit over $25 million to the campaign to promote Hilary’s popularity among the different states. He has on more than one occasion accused Trump to be in support of ISIS- a terrorist group on Politico. George didn’t support Hilary only but all the other candidates as well.

His reaction to the election

Despite the hard work and commitment shown by Hilary and the rest of the party members, she lost the elections to Donald Trump who is set to be inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. George Soros and the rest of the sponsors and other Democrat supporters scheduled a meeting to discuss the results. They met for a three-day conference to try and find a strategy to fight back Trump.

The liberals on BusinessInsider are planning to fight Trump from day one after he takes the oath of office. They want to focus their efforts to thwarting his plans which they have termed as an assault to President Obama’s achievements.

Soros has stated that he is committed to investing his time and money to oppose Trump.

About Soros

George Soros has been reported to be among the 30 richest people in America. The self-billionaire was born in Hungary but later relocated to England for his studies 1947. After his immigration, he attended the London school of Economics where he did his Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and later Master of Science in the same subject.

After graduating, he couldn’t find a job so he ended up settling for a salesman at the wholesale shop. During this time he wrote letters to all the managers of the Merchant Bank on Forbes. Most of the letters were ignored, but one day he got a positive reply. He was offered an entry level job at the Merchant Bank, and that marked the beginning of his career. Later in 1956 he moved to New York City in U.S.

In 1970, George Soros founded the Soros Fund Management, and he served as the chairman of the fund. He did resign from Double Eagle Fund in 1973 because he couldn’t manage two funds. After that, he focused on growing the Soros Fund.

Billy McFarland Launches the Magnises Black Card

Billy McFarland is a 25-year-old American tech entrepreneur. He was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. His entrepreneurial skills became evident at the age of 13. It was at this age he founded his first online company. The company dealt in online outsourcing and matched clients with the right designers. Briefly, he went to the University of Bucknell, Pennsylvania and undertook a degree in computer engineering.

Today, McFarland has been instrumental in the foundation of Spling and Magnises black card companies. Spling was founded towards the end of freshman year in college. He left school and opened an online platform that allowed users to improve the appearance of URLs. Changing the appearance of text into graphic images which are organized as mosaics was made possible by a computer program he had coded. He is still the chief executive officer at Spling.

According to The Guardian, towards the end of August 2013, Billy McFarland founded Magnises. Together with his team, he launched the Magnises black card on 1st March 2014. Magnises black card is community and technology based and offers perks, guidance, and improves the quality of life for the card holders.

The introduction of the card is purposely for the millennial generation who are less financially endowed and would like to enjoy life in most of the classiest joints in New York.

However, Magnises black card is not a credit or debit card. It does not link to any financial institution. Instead, it links data from an existing financial card to the strip of the black card. It can, therefore, get used in place of the original debit or credit card. Cardholder pays an annual fee of $250. It has no spending requirements.

Members get to enjoy the benefits of owning this card by receiving discounts. They can enjoy dinner and get to spend nights in selected hotels in the city of New York at subsidized prices. They are treated to night life’s in selected clubs in the City. The company has launched a mobile application that allows the users to get updates on events taking place around the city.