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A Review Of The Career Of The Host Of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV air on the AMC Network and Ion Television affiliates. The Washington-based award winning show focuses on entertainment, celebrity interviews, and technology. The show has been on the air for close to 3 decades, starting out in March 1990 and airing more than 1,200 episodes. The program is hosted by Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Andrew Tropeano.

Tropeano has worked with the show for more than 8 years, and besides his role as a co-host he is also an Executive Producer. He holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from American University, and a Masters in Business earned from New York University. In a recent interview he expressed excitement to be part of the show, getting the chance to interview entrepreneurs and talk about fortune 500 companies or exciting new start-ups.

He notes that he was inspired by his father, who worked for major news outlets like CNN and The Washington Post. His father’s appreciation for the industry shaped Tropeano’s interest in pursuing a career in journalism. He points out that while attending American University he had opportunities for internships and to gain real-world experience. The program allowed them to spend time in the studios at NBC and produce news shows that would air campus-wide. It was his childhood, the time at the university and at NBC studios that defined the career that he would end up pursuing.

Torpeano states that his short-term coal is to continue to advance his career with the show and the help NewsWatch become a major showcase for companies. He considers that one of the keys to productivity is loving what you do, but that the real key to his sense of productivity is his inner drive. He mentions that he has an inner desire to move forward, to learn new things, and to constantly improve himself.


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