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A Truly Undefeated Journey? Vijay Eswaran Extraordinary Climb To Fame Not A Mystery!

The ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute) celebrated the 8th staging of its annual WCEF (World Chinese Economic Forum) event last year. It involved a joint effort of its organizers, the ASLI and Malaysia’s Melaka State leaders. Among winners is QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran, who prevailed as the top Lifetime Achievement awardee.

A serial MLM guru, philanthropist, author and e-commerce magnate, Eswaran is positively impacting the global job market. He holds credentials from top US and UK universities. With a first-class education and a commendable track record having worked for leading companies like IBM, he’s highly respected across industry verticals.

According to QBuzz, after a long career serving elite Canadian, Australian, American and European companies, Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia. There, he launched startups that soon generated a lucrative income. Of his collection, QI Group, established in 1998 streamlined a massive fortune. The franchise headed by Eswaran and business partner, Joseph Bismark has become a global MLM giant. It’s currently networking across nearly 30 countries worldwide. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

It’s revenue last year nearly reached a billion. With a diversified marketing model, QI Group controls a series of brands. In the ranks, are subsidiaries focused on training/conference management, telecommunications, logistics, retail/direct sales, education, property development, luxury/collectibles and lifestyle/leisure products. As a co-founder, Eswaran chairs QI Group along managing director, Mr. Bismark. The duo has pursued on a couple of business endeavors together.

As one passionate life coach, Eswaran has traveled the world, educating nations on different aspects of self-development and reaching entrepreneurial success. He’s honored invitations to share his expertise with top university communities and groups.

In addition, he’s actively involved in annual CHOGM events, addressing management/business leadership forums, including WEF (World Economic Forum) and the CBF (Commonwealth Business Forums). His RYTHM Foundation organizes culturally rich entertainment events that raise proceeds to help needy youths globally.

Another blueprint of his, Vijayaratnam Foundation, a tribute to his late father, is helping charities and NGO leadership empower youths locally. It’s an initiative focused on special education, child mentoring, women empowerment and youth development.

Vijay Eswaran made headlines in 2011 when popular American business-class magazine, Forbes listed him among its chosen Asian “Heroes of Philanthropy.” Among awards, GOPIO (Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin) merited his performance and named him International Leader in Global Business Strategies.

He’s always sharing experience and knowledge through different channels. His multilanguage book, “In the Sphere of Silence,” dubbed a bestseller has inspired many transitioning business aspirants. It particularly shares in-depth analysis and successful life management strategies.

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