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Academy Of Art University’s Kendall Long Television Career

When Kendall Long attended the Academy of Art University from 2010 to 2014, she had no idea that her college career would lead to her success in her television debut. She attended the university majoring in multimedia communications. The courses that she took in order to earn her degree prepared her for working in the entertainment industry. Working in the entertainment industry, led to her reality television debut.

This is no surprise for the art university. For nine decades they have been the institution behind many great people who have careers in many art disciplines like media, communications and design. The school has many majors they offer including fashion, animation, illustration, interior design, communications and industrial design. They offer diverse programs due their diverse student body. Students travel from all over the world to take classes at the school.

The student life, facilities and academics offered by the university create an inviting atmosphere for all of their students. They allow students to flourish in a community ran by professionals who have a passion for educating the talented visionaries that attend this school. The university was launched in 1929 by Richard and Clara Stephens. With time the university flourished to the point, the owners had to get another location. When the second generation took over, the university grew to a total of five thousand students. Today as the third generation of Stephens runs the university, the school is committed to being a leader in being a digital arts university.

The Academy of Art University has always celebrated the careers and accomplishments of their alumni. Kendall Long is one of several cases of people coming to the school with dreams and end up making their dreams a reality. There are twenty five thousand people that call themselves alumni of this university. The school has done an excellent job of creating an engaging community for these alumni members to keep in contact. From Microsoft to Adidas to Abercrombie & Fitch to Macy’s to Disney to Paramount Pictures, this alumni has created career opportunities for themselves in many different art related fields after graduation.

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