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Andrew Rocklage: Successful Lawyer And Businessman

Attorney and businessman Andrew Rocklage is well-known and highly respected in the Boston, Massachusetts area for his business acumen. A graduate of the Isenberg School of Management and Suffolk University Law School, Rocklage has made a name for himself through his work in the region’s business community. Andrew has proven himself to be a savvy, visionary businessman.

Currently, he owns and operates one of the country’s most popular and innovative indoor trampoline parks, Sky Zone Trampoline Park. And he’s constantly scouting for new opportunities to expand the company.

The manner in which Andrew Rocklage runs Sky Zone Trampoline Park reflects his in-depth understanding of the importance of superior customer service in establishing a business. It is part of the reason he is widely praised in Boston business circles.

Rocklage has demonstrated that one of the keys to brand building is using the proper methods to screen and hire staff. As a result he has built a team which contains a collection of very talented individuals that all appreciate the power of working together to provide the best customer experience possible.

As a result of the hiring and training methods Andrew Rocklage has implemented, visitors to Sky Zone Trampoline Park rave about the staff’s friendly, caring, helpful manner. This has enabled the trampoline park to develop a reputation as an excellent place to visit if you want to enjoy a fun environment and have a great time.

Rocklage has made sure that the entire staff at Sky Zone Trampoline Park understands that every interaction with a customer or each other is an opportunity to promote the great experience the park offers. They have embraced the concept and that has led to the park becoming wildly successful.

In addition to his work with Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Andrew Rocklage also has several years experience working as corporate counsel for the internationally known company EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Plus, he has distinguished himself as a true innovator through his extensive experience working in the technology sector.

Rocklage’s ability to use his legal experience to help him create innovative business strategy has put him in position to do great things in the local business community. When you factor in his innate ability to identify and develop the potential of his employees, it becomes clear that Andrew Rocklage has a very bright future.

With his talent, education, training, experience, vision and willingness to take on unique new professional challenges, there are countless opportunities for Andrew Rocklage to continue grow and become even more successful in the business world. The upward trajectory of his professional development coupled with his discerning eye and his wiliness to explore new business ventures and interesting places bodes well for Andrew Rocklage.


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