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Andy Wirth Lands Prestigious Title in Reno Area.

Andy Wirth is making noise and making moves lately as the Squaw Valley CEO continues to push toward improving the Reno-Tahoe region. Andy Wirth has gotten much acclaim over his years as the CEO of Squaw Valley thanks to his dedication to expanding the company and improving its relations with the local area. Now, Wirth is on the move once more as he has recently been appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth’s addition to the board came this past summer alongside three other new members: Jessica Sferrazza, Jenifer Rose and Lisa Gianoli.

Wirth’s addition to the airport authority board makes complete sense as, for years, he has played in integral role in the inclusion of tourism from around the country and around the globe. Bringing in tourism has helped to boost the Reno-Tahoe local industry in a big way. Wirth was quick to release a statement regarding his appointment saying that the board was, “adding very experienced and talented people” who would be committed to improving travel in and around the world. Wirth is definitely one to talk after serving on the RSCVA Board back in 2013 where he made his name in international management and resort development. Wirth has worked with different airlines for resorts in Canada, Colorado, and Utah.

Andy Wirth was quick to say that he was “honored to represent the RSCVA” in its quest to help improve the local economy. His goal, he explained, was to attract more business straight to he region.

If Andy Wirth’s name sounds fairly familiar then you probably are already aware of his tremendous story. Wirth is far more than just a businessman as he is also an action fan and a survivor. Wirth was involved in a deadly skydiving incident that nearly took his life. Instead Wirth bounced back through 20+ surgeries, including the re-attachment of his arm, and was instead quick to jump straight back into business in the Reno-Tahoe local area.


Zeph Mill says:

This comes at a time when Wirth is focusing on expanding Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows which will no doubt help to improve regional business as well. The site to get more info is: and I bet you are going to learn a lot more.

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