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Anthony Petrello And The Fight For His Child

Anthony Petrello is the CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd; which is the world’s biggest drilling contractor and the dominator of its market. That is one of the biggest drilling rig fleet that is land-based in the globe, and it is owned and operated by Nabors Industries, and the role of Anthony Petrello is crucial to the business.

Nabors Industries provides drilling rigs to multiple international markets, as well as the united states. Anthony Petrello’s Nabor Industries also provides performance tools, directional drilling services and, most important, a constant investment in technology. Nabor Industries is known for its highly trained and highly skilled personnel and through the people behind the company and cutting-edge technology, Nabor continuous to send the industry standard.

Tony Petrello is at the helm of this great and very important company. But more important than being a successful businessman and CEO of the world’s largest drilling contractor. Tony is a loving father who treasures his family more than anything. For Tony, his eight-year-old daughter, little Carena is a miracle given to him by God. Just recently, Carena learned how to chew solid food. Carena had to practice it for many hours through her own determination and the moral support of her parents; she was finally able to do it.

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But little Carena is just starting. She has more things she needs to train for, and that includes walking and talking. By this point, you’ve probably checked at least once if your eyes were deceiving you and if Carena’s age is actually 8 months and not eight years. Unfortunately, there is nothing wrong with my writing. Carena has a neurological condition and what it does to her is that she experiences difficulties in learning the things that normally would be easy to learn for other ‘normal’ children.

Carena was born prematurely at a very early state, only weighting about 20 ounces. TShe had periventricular leukomalacia, a condition that is common with babies that are born prematurely and it is due to the brain not receiving enough blood flow.

Anthony Petrello has made it his passion to generously donate or fund organizations that are conducting research on the human brain. Recently he has given $5 million to a research initiative and is even planning to add $2 million to it. Tony and his wife have made it their life’s passion to find answers and solutions to the challenges their Carena is facing and to hopefully prevent it from happening to other children.

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