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Arthur Becker Pursues Boutique Condo Project

Arthur Becker is a tech mogul who successfully maneuvered into the real estate world by setting up roots in New York. Becker has been one of the primary investors behind guys like Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney and of course Robert Gladstone. Over the years Becker has led his success straight to his newest gig: becoming the name on the side of the building. Becker is looking to transition into the frontline of real estate development as he focuses on his own condo project.

According to, back in 2012 Becker went ahead and purchased the building at 465 Washington for a rounded figure of $6.2 million. Becker had purchased the building at a discount from a former architect who was looking at potential foreclosure. Becker swooped in and also bought neighboring properties in order to prepare himself, years in advance, for what he is calling a ‘primer project’. This primer project, of course, is the eight unit condo that Becker has been putting his passion and focus into for the past couple of years.

The boutique condo is aiming for a sellout of $53 million when it is all complete. Right now the building sits at five stories but after development is finished the building should see an additional five stories added Inside of the building you will see a boutique, artisinal vibe that has been designed by Paris Forino. Becker is focused on developing what should be an in-demand piece of property that he called, “A size I can manage.” Becker has always been in love with this section of Tribeca so the purchase and corresponding development makes total sense.

Becker has been a force for a long time in the New York development area. Estimates from analytic firms put Becker’s contributions to the city development scene at nearly $500 million. This level of contribution is unheard of from someone that most people wouldn’t be able to pick out of a line up. Still, Arthur Becker has a laudable resume with offices around the globe thanks to his work with Navisite — a tech company quoted on the NASDAQ that profited under his leadership.

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