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Benefits of Choosing Equities First, LLC

If you are seeking a private equity holdings company specializing in non-purpose shareholder financing when applying for a loan other than publicly equity securities, Equities First Holding, LLC, offers non-recourse lending repayment options based on profits gained on what the loan is funded for. Equities First Holding, LLC, is a global private equity financial institution with offices in six countries across the globe: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition to non-purpose shareholder financing, Equities First Holding, LLC, also specializes in alternative corporate financing solutions for critical capital investment decisions in order to meet business objectives.

The private limited company was founded over a decade ago by Al Christy, Jr., who is the President and CEO. He not only has more than two decades of experience in development and management of financial institutions, Christy’s expertise at Equities First Holding, LLC, also includes strategic planning, development of emerging markets, strategic cash-flow management, as well as global resource development and allocation. With Christy’s team of highly knowledge individuals who are professionals in financing, investing, lending and trading, the company services both individual investors and businesses to meet clients’ goals by making assessments of current and future performances to determine if any risks exist in bonds, stocks and treasuries when making decisions about distributing loans. Furthermore, Equities First Holding, LLC, specializes in capital on traded shares throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, along with the United Kingdom and the United States on public exchanges, and has so far distributed $1.4 billion.

The holding firm specializes in stock-base loans as well, which is a type of loan that offers low interests rates for clients seeking quick capital without providing reason, purpose, or obligation (i.e., adding value to a portfolio without selling its investment) so that lenders can liquidate stocks for a return on investment. And, for individual investors or businesses who cannot obtain a credit-based loan, Equities First Holdings, LLC, is not effected by any type of limited lending criteria like other banks that have increase their interests rates because of newer regulations.

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