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Igor Cornelsen Is A Seasoned Investment Banker

How He Got Started

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Curitiba Brazil in 1947. He went to engineering school, and then after 2 years he changed course and began studying economics. He finished school in 1970 and started working at an investment bank. Engineers were actually good at calculating compounded interest rates without calculators and computers. He gained popularity for his skills and moved on to work in Rio. As a good investment banker he was promoted to board of directors of Multibanco with only 4 years of experience in investment banking. In just 2 more years he was the CEO.

Navigating The Rest Of His Path

When Bank of America bought Multibanco Igor felt it was time to move on. He began his new investment life at Unibanco. That was one of top firms in Brazil. He stayed there for about 7 years while the inflation rate was super high. When his time was up there, he started working for a London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC. Libra Bank PLC introduced Igor Cornelsen to receiving and working with US dollars. He stuck with his colleagues and they all went to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Igor came on as a board of directors member and Brazilian representative. After 7 years of success there, Igor left and decided to open his an investment firm, offering services he had experienced giving at the London banks. Igor works at his own firm as an investment manager. He contributes to the operations of his own fund on a daily basis.

How He Branched Out

Igor Cornelsen feels it was only a matter of time before he would open his open firm as an investment banker. He had several years of experience and it finally let up to him branching out on his own. His days start early in Sao Paulo. He is ready when markets open in Europe. He watches international news, studying economies and other companies, making adjustments to his portfolio accordingly. Some days he meets with his colleagues to share opinions about the state of the markets. To bring ideas to life by watching economies and seeing which investing assets are improving. He then sells assets in countries he believes will dissolve because of political issues or economic changes.

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