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Dr. Mark McKenna is the Creative Mind Behind OVME

It was during his time at Tulane Medical School that Dr. Mark McKenna realized being a doctor didn’t necessarily mean he’d be making a lot of money. It’s not that he didn’t care about helping people with their health issues, because he did, but he also wanted to be able to provide for a family in the meantime. So, instead of going into medicine after graduating, he decided to create a business in real estate. He did, and he did it in New Orleans. The problem was that Hurricane Katrina came through and wiped all of his businesses out.

Dr. Mark McKenna had begun to put together the company which is now known as OVME, which will be a chain of cosmetic medical offices in the United States that will have an app that will allow people to receive these services quickly and conveniently. The app will enable customers to be able to contact freelance practitioners who can show up right at their home to provide them with the services the need. The idea for the name of the company comes from the fact that OVME is pronounced to sound like “of me,” which points out that it is all about the customer. To know more about him click here.

If you take a look at the Twitter account of Dr. Mark McKenna, you’ll notice that a lot of his tweets are focused on someone very special to him. That person is his daughter whom he is very close to and loves very much. Along with tweets related to her, the doctor shares tweets about his new hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, health related news, and news about his company, OVME.

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