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Designers From Around The World – Academy of Art University

On September 9th, 2017 the Academy of Art University accomplished something that is very unheard of.. They presented their TWENTY FIRST catwalk in a row! This years designs were made by fashion designers from all around the globe, so they delivered many different styles and colors on the runway for the audience to see.


The designers of these eye catching fashion statements have used the things and people they saw as an inspiration to them when they created the clothing that was worn by these models. Some of the fashion designers used things such as nature – like the water and the trees, while other designers used things such as the people they saw in certain environments, including their tribe or religions flags. Some of them were even inspired by the equipment worn by old war heroes from different countries, such as China.


These designs that were created are most certainly interesting, in a good way. They are made with many different materials and they are basically every color you could imagine! These designs make a very bold statement, that much is for sure!


The Academy of Art University offers a chance for you to express yourself. They have courses such as ; design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. You can join in their athletics, explore city life and join fun clubs and organizations! The Academy of Art University provides their students with wonderful teachers and they teach you in a fun way.


The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and it was founded in 1929! It has 283 full-time teachers with a staggering 12,600 students who attend here! This university’s president is Elisa Stephens, their school colors are red and black and one can attend the university online or on campus.


Its teachers are all very well educated, so the classes one attends are very in depth, hands on and informative. This university has an incredible 4,305 students who are post-graduates, which is simply amazing! This university has produced some of the best known fashion designers out there, including Heidi Montag!


This university is very prestigious and offers the best artistic experience you can receive. But despite that, it has a 100% acceptance rate to anyone who is really truly passionate about art and fashion. The tuition for this university is around $20,340 in order to attend.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Makes Understanding Oncology Simple

Mikhail Blagosklonny is not only an oncologist but he is also someone who supports oncology and wants to ensure that other people know what they can get from the oncology field. While he recognizes that not everyone will be able to be a doctor and understand all of the in-depth things about treating cancer, he hopes to continue helping people learn more about it. Since he knows so much and considers himself to be somewhat of an expert, he believes that it is a part of his job to help other people learn what they can about cancer and the things that are associated with it.Mikhail Blagosklonny even created Oncotarget to help people connect over cancer. While the publication is for peer review of doctors and future doctors, it is also something that people can use when they are hoping to learn more about cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny created it with the intention of bringing more attention to the field of cancer study and to help people understand what they can get from various cancer studies that they are working with. Since Mikhail Blagosklonny knows a lot about cancer, he is hoping that other doctors will too.

One of the biggest things that has come from this publication is the rejuvenation drug idea. This drug is something that has allowed cancer patients to have more comfortable cancer treatments and has sometimes made things safer for them. While Mikhail Blagosklonny recognizes that things will not always be as safe as possible, he also knows that things will continue to get better for people who are using the anti-aging drugs during their treatment. This is a huge part of the work that he does and he uses it to make things better for himself and for other people who are in those situations.Mikhail Blagosklonny also wants to teach people about cancer. He is making understanding cancer something that everyone can do no matter how much experience they have with it. He feels that a lot of people just don’t understand cancer and that is part of the reason they cannot handle the help that they need when someone they love (or themselves)gets sick.

Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that teaching people about cancer can make the treatment options better and can give people a better chance of being able to deal with the ramifications of cancer and the subsequent treatment that they have to have.As Mikhail Blagosklonny continues to help more people, he is making an even bigger impact on the things that he can try. He has always done his best to make things easier for people and continues to help them with the options that they need. When Mikhail Blagosklonny first started working in different areas, he did his best way to help people have a better understanding of what they could do to make things better. All of this is what has led Mikhail Blagosklonny to making things easier and to showing people what they can do in different situations.


Marc Sparks: Rugged Individualist…and Caring Communitarian

The phrase “rugged individualist” was once common in America. It referred to a person who made his or her own way in life with little assistance. Taming the wilderness, cultivating rocky soil and settling in inhospitable environments all characterized the rugged individualist. With the end of the frontier and the misery of the Great Depression, rugged individualism fell from favor as a popular expression and celebrated ideal. Yet this concept never escaped the American bloodstream. In modern times, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists still prosper—and create jobs—from the most meager beginnings. A 21st-century example is Marc Sparks. Learn more:

Often called a “serial entrepreneur,” Marc Sparks was born to do business. Like many with boundless energy and restless imaginations, he chafed at the confines and structures of traditional schooling, graduating from high school with a mediocre grade point average. From there, he shot out of the gate and never looked back. Among his creations was a software production firm that—at its peak—sold $200 million worth of computer programs annually. Another of Sparks’ start-ups was an enterprise that held ownership in multiple insurance companies (he developed this business out of his bedroom). At one point this business concern exceeded a billion dollars in value—which plummeted to nearly zero in just three months.

It is his failures to which Sparks credits his successes. Each loss revealed insights which he later used to win. This philosophy rests at the heart of Sparks’ 2014 book, They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success. In the book, he shares “Fifty Sparks,” gleaned from both triumphs and defeats, that readers can apply to their own commercial ventures. Underlying it all is the conviction that a willingness to lose everything is the paradoxical key to phenomenal professional and financial success. Sparks practices this in his own private equity company, Timber Creek Capital, LP. Based in Dallas, Texas, that supports promising start-up firms with financing, infrastructure and marketing expertise. Key components in his criteria are uniqueness of product or service; laser-like focus on the business; and “an outrageous sense of urgency.” Learn more:

Timber Creek is one of Sparks’ winners, profiting from thriving partner companies in real estate, media, technology and health care. Still, Marc Sparks does not make money to simply hoard or spend it. A generous philanthropist, he directs large donations to causes like Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, magnet schools for at-risk youth and pet adoption programs. Is Marc Sparks a rugged individualist? Yes, he did get far on his own instincts, guts and savvy. At the same time, his passion is for partnering, mentoring and giving. To indulge this zeal, he needs people as much as people need him. Learn more: