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Will The Acquisition of GovPayNet Be Beneficial to Securus or a Disaster?

The journey of GovPayNet and Securus Technologies is one that the market is looking forward to with great certainty. As the acquisition of GovPayNet by Securus was made factual, so did the excitement by the two CEOs. How well will this acquisition fare and will it be a continues uphill progress or will it fall flat on its face?


GovPayNet has been in business for over 20 years. Processing government agencies’ credit and debit card payments and putting many bright smiles on user’s and investor’s faces in the process. With 2,300 agencies serviced in 35 states across the U.S., its cutting edge technology and customer service has been a positive experience in which these agencies have appreciated.


Securus was founded in 1986, over 30 years of market surging, providing governmental focused technology towards: public information, incident management, emergency response, inmate self-service and other related technology to law enforcement, correctional facilities and public safety – over 3,500 agencies in the U.S.


These two governmental focused companies, together is a definite impact on the market and since the acquisition, a market share increase have been in their favor, taking substantial amounts from leading competitors.


As it has been reported, Securus has managed to score a whopping 40 million payment processes a year since the acquisition and plans to increase that number by at least 24% by next year.


The CEOs of each company: GovPayNet – Mark Mckenzie and Securus – Robert Pickens, both are extremely electrified about working with the other and with the successful history of these two over the years, ideas of greatness and prosperity is set to transpire in the future to spearhead accomplishments much greater than 40 million payment processes a year.


Visit the websites of both GovPayNet and Securus Technologies to get a detailed content description of what incredible benefits the two companies have to offer this year.


Securus Technologies’ Three Decades of Serving Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies Incorporation is one of the leading providers of inmate communication and parolee tracking in the United States. It offers its services to more than 2,600 correctional facilities located in 45 states. It also serves the District of Columbia as well as Mexico and Canada. Securus Technologies serves approximately 1,000,000 inmates in the whole country.


It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has additional regional offices in Carrolton and Allen in Texas, one in Atlanta, Georgia and the another one in the Dallas Metro Area. It was founded in 1986 and has ever since continued to offer quality services to inmates and staff in the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies provides both civil and criminal justice technology solutions aimed at maintaining public safety and improving investigations and monitoring activities in the facilities.


For over three decades, correctional facilities have been depending on the technology from Securus Technologies to run the correctional facilities efficiently. The company has continued to offer quality and modern technology solution that has transformed and improved the detention environment. Securus has helped the security personnel in the facilities to maintain security.


Inmate calls are often recorded. The act is essential in collecting the relevant information about alcohol and drug abuse in the facilities hence making it easier for the staff to restrict the illegal activities. With the help of the investigative tools, the staff has been able to efficiently carry out investigations when incidences of harassment or security threats are reported. The reporting data, on the other hand, has been effective in monitoring and doing away with contraband in the correctional facilities.


The LBS software alongside other resources has been used to recover illegal assets worth millions, drugs as well as unlawful money whose recovery would have been impossible without the software. In conjunction with the Investigator Pro, the LBS software puts Securus in a position of being the best telephone provider nationwide.


When We Rely on Securus Technologies for Help

My job as a corrections officer can be dangerous to the point that I must be on my toes every second if I want to go home to my family at night. The minute we allow the inmates to have even a little power, they will take that opportunity and make someone pay. Although we are outnumbered by the inmates, we do have several checks in place that allow us to maintain order throughout the day.


When you bring drugs into the equation, especially in prison, then you are making a very bad situation deadly. The reason being is that these inmates are hard enough to keep in line when they are not on drugs, bring heroin or crack into that mix, and you need a half-dozen officers to maintain order with a single inmate. My team is usually working hard at the visitor center to keep all types of drugs from getting into the hands of those inmates, but it is not an exact science.


Securus Technologies has been installing their inmate call monitoring system in jails around the country for years. The company CEO, Richard Smith, developed an objective all his employees are dedicated to working towards, making this world a safer place for all to live. With thousands of these units installed, and over a thousand employees at your service, you can see why our prison jumped at the chance to have the system installed.


The LBS software is the key to the success of the monitoring system, spotting key conversations and alerting officers of trouble. This month for instance, we have been alerted to inmates using drugs in their cell, who was asked to mail drugs to the jail, and where one inmate is hiding his drugs to keep from being charged with the possession of them.


Watching Securus Video Commercials Warms My Heart

I have seen quite a few Securus commercials featuring families connecting for the holidays, and I get a good feeling from them every time. Our family has been in a similar situation, and I hate to think inmates cannot call their families. Securus provides us with the video connection we need, and this article explains why we share the videos with anyone in a bad situation this Christmas season.


#1: What Does The Video Link Do?


Securus is an application you we may use on our phone, tablets and computers. I have been given quite a lot of time with my brother and sister who are in jail, and Securus connects us on every call. I have propped up my phone several times to talk to them on my lunch break, and I plan to use the computer at home when we have family dinner a few days before Christmas.


#2: The Sound Is Clear


I love watching the Securus Christmas videos because each person can clearly hear in their calls. The calls remind me that we are doing a lovely thing for our family, and I know the children in the family appreciate it more than anyone else. We cannot reach the jail easily, and we use Securus as our form of visitation. The jails have been kind enough to set the system up for us, and I am proud to maintain my Securus for my family.


#3: Everyone May Use Securus


I appreciate that Securus is not exclusive. Their service may be used by anyone at any time. I have taught several older members of my family to use Securus, and the children in the family are familiar with the technology. The walls are torn down between us as we use Securus, and I feel as though we are not all that separate. I want our family to be together for as long as possible over the holidays, and I would not use any other service for a video call.


I saw my first video visitation commercial a while back, and I have fallen in love with the technology. Securus has won my heart as they help us speak to your family, and I know other families feel the same. We are not alone in a world where prison terms are a reality, and I love feeling as though our lives have change forever because of Securus’ technology.


Securus Can Do Video Visitation Every Day For Families

We do visitations with families all the time with our own account, and they can come into the halfway house when they need to get in touch with people who are in jail. This is a really simple video system that I have gotten invested in, and it is helping a lot of people get ready to speak to someone they might not have seen in a long time.


Everyone who is using Securus needs to be sure that they have the app on their phone or their tablet, and that makes it easier for them to get assistance that will change the way they approach their talks with those people. I have seen people talk to those who are in jail that they have not talked to in a long time, and I think that this gives them a personal connection without just showing up at the jail. It is will make the calls really easy, and it simplifies how people talk when they call the jails. These are not raspy phone calls. These are very advanced video calls that anyone can make.


 Someone who is using Securus like I am has all the help they need when they are placing the calls through the app, and they need to be sure that they have spent the time to use it the right way. I have gotten a lot out of Securus, and I know that Securus makes the calls more clear. We can all see the people we call, and we have seen other families do the same things.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Talking To Those in Jail Easily

I would not have understood the reason everyone gripes and groans about going to see a family member or friend in jail until a friend of mine went to jail.

Then I found Securus. This company has made seeing my friend much easier.

In February 2016, they launched their app. The number of downloads for Apple skyrocketed the first week, ending at over 5,000 times. Android downloads numbered over 6,000 after the first month. What a good start to the app, right?

The best thing about the app is what it does with cell and wifi signals. As everyone most likely already knows, Securus deals mainly with making sure that scheduling visits – whether video or in-person – with a friend or family member in jail is easier. The app scans cell signals and wifi signals to see if the area is good for video signals.

Furthermore, the app allows users to sync their calendars across a variety of mobile devices and their website. This allows the user to create reminders for whatever visits they have coming up. This has been incredibly useful for me; I forget dates all the time.

Last time I forgot a date, I missed my friend’s birthday and the special surprise visit I had set up. Needless to say, it’s been very difficult to get another surprise visit.

Another function of this app is that inmate phone calls can be made right from the device the app has been downloaded on. Now, video calls don’t have to be made from home with a webcam and a computer; they can be made on vacation, at a restaurant, or even at a birthday party if necessary.

The Securus video visitation app has been a lifesaver for me. If it weren’t for this app, I would most likely miss all the visits I set up, and that would really make my friend upset.

Download the Google Play App:

Note: Securus Techonologies is not affiliated with the website Securus America nor is it affiliated with the health supplement Securus.