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Fortress Investment Group Co CEO Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a high ranking executive in the financial services industry. He currently serves as the co chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger served as a partner and investment manager at Goldman Sachs. Briger brings a lot of expertise and experience to the financial services industry. With this knowledge and expertise, he has been able to help a number of investors better manage their capital as well as assist investment firms become more successful. Briger has also spent a lot of his time in the community when he is not working. Peter has been involved in a number or projects that have improved the communities in both New York City and San Francisco. He was also named to the Forbes list of billionaires and richest Americans list as well. View Peter Briger’s profile on Linkedin

Today, Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group which is a leading private equity management firm. Since 2002, Peter has helped the firm expand to many markets worldwide and expand their available services to investor clients. Briger became a member of the firm’s management committee in 2002. Within the next several years, Peter would attain other high ranking positions in the firm. Nowadays, he is one of the leading executives of the firm and participates in its overall strategy and administration.

Before he became a member of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs which is one of the leading investment firms in the financial services industry. Briger spent many years helping the firm with its expansion to foreign markets. During his stint at Goldman Sachs, Briger helped the firm make an expansion in Asia. As well as aiding the expansion, he would also help a number of investor clients in that region as well. Peter was part of numerous Asian committees which allowed him to make progress towards client acquisition in that region of the world. In 1996, Peter would attain a partnership role at the firm. His experience and leadership allowed Goldman Sachs to continue establishing itself as a top financial services and investment management firm.

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