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Cosmetic Giant: Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley has a social media following and lots of fans thanks to her brand of beauty. In 2009, she launched her cosmetic brand with the concept of looking as young as possible in part to botanical ingredients. She uses her brand as more of a chemistry trial and error and finding the end goal of what gets results. She continues to revamp her products and if they are not resulting in positive results and feedback than she will either tweak or toss them.

Good Genes is one of the best products on her line. She uses it about three times a week. Her skin-care routine is to use multiple serums, creams, face washes, and sunscreen so she can help prevent many parts of the aging process. She has yet to tackle the hair care market, but she is not opposed to trying some products in her brand in the future.

In 2011, she had a makeup line as well. Unfortunately, there was not enough marketing for it, and her brand had not been around long enough yet for people to know and understand the company entirely. She pulled back from the makeup for a while, but she still has a few products here and there. Currently, she launched a new foundation with many different shades that she developed herself.

Sunday Riley gives some advice for people who want great skin and simply states to wash their face. She says that people do not do it enough and even if you put on countless amounts of skin-care products, your face will not take to any of it with all the dirt and grime still on your face.

Sunday Riley is proud of her job and the impact she can have on women all over the world. She views her name and brand as a duty to keep women informed and offer products that are not a gimmick. She states that she is pleased knowing people use her line and wants to keep making more and better skin-care items and options for women.