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Designers From Around The World – Academy of Art University

On September 9th, 2017 the Academy of Art University accomplished something that is very unheard of.. They presented their TWENTY FIRST catwalk in a row! This years designs were made by fashion designers from all around the globe, so they delivered many different styles and colors on the runway for the audience to see.


The designers of these eye catching fashion statements have used the things and people they saw as an inspiration to them when they created the clothing that was worn by these models. Some of the fashion designers used things such as nature – like the water and the trees, while other designers used things such as the people they saw in certain environments, including their tribe or religions flags. Some of them were even inspired by the equipment worn by old war heroes from different countries, such as China.


These designs that were created are most certainly interesting, in a good way. They are made with many different materials and they are basically every color you could imagine! These designs make a very bold statement, that much is for sure!


The Academy of Art University offers a chance for you to express yourself. They have courses such as ; design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. You can join in their athletics, explore city life and join fun clubs and organizations! The Academy of Art University provides their students with wonderful teachers and they teach you in a fun way.


The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and it was founded in 1929! It has 283 full-time teachers with a staggering 12,600 students who attend here! This university’s president is Elisa Stephens, their school colors are red and black and one can attend the university online or on campus.


Its teachers are all very well educated, so the classes one attends are very in depth, hands on and informative. This university has an incredible 4,305 students who are post-graduates, which is simply amazing! This university has produced some of the best known fashion designers out there, including Heidi Montag!


This university is very prestigious and offers the best artistic experience you can receive. But despite that, it has a 100% acceptance rate to anyone who is really truly passionate about art and fashion. The tuition for this university is around $20,340 in order to attend.


Doug Levitt Inspiring People at Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is a famous singer in the United States who has transformed many people lives in the world through using Greyhound Diaries. He schooled in public school at Washington DC then he moved to Cornell University where he his degree. His hard work and commitment made him attain Fulbbright Scholarship therefore he learned a lot with the scholarship through attain experience and expertise. Furthermore he went to London School of Economics where he got his master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism. ABC, NBC and CNN are some of the media channels which he worked as a foreign communicator and broadcasted from Bosnia, Iran and London.

Through the skills made him begin Greyhound Diaries because he also loved music and Greyhound Diaries uses music to convey information to the struggling travelers. The company made a lot of development and accomplishment by traveling more than 120,000 miles by using Greyhound buses furthermore the company has been running for more than 10 years with no challenges occurring. What happens the traveler’s thoughts are heard these allow them to be helped and also supplying their stories, images and songs in the manner which they are struggling.For inspiring and exhibition purposes Greyhound Diaries partnered with WPA-era projects. They display the whole images of America. The Kennedy Center, Woody Guthrie Center, Walter reed, institution and Southern Law Center are the groups which Doug Levitt and his workers side together in their developments.

Greyhound Stories are well known due to their inspiration stories they deliver to people and changing their lives to be much better through learning from other on what they are struggling from hence they are recognized with media channels hence they are featured and broadcasted in daily CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.Doug Levitt proud to be part of the excellent work that is done to change people lives hence he has been motivated to do more through him being recognized in published writing, photo exhibits and web series. He also determined to make more music and encourage people to listen to other people stories to learn more about how to deal with problems.

Understanding How Marc Sparks Has Become So Successful

Hard work has always been seen to be the key to an individual being successful. Many young people are always advised to be hardworking and ambitious in anything they do for them to be successful in the future. Three-quarter of the young doesn’t work hard as they believe luck plays a part in an individual’s future.

Marc Sparks is one person who acts as proof that luck doesn’t make you successful but hard work. When he was young, not many people predicted Sparks would be such a successful person considering he was a C student. This didn’t pull Marc down as he was determined to become successful.

His dream came true as he is now a multi-millionaire who makes his money through harnessing his resources and grasping opportunities when they present themselves. He takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way, and this is how he has become so successful.

Knowing how hard he worked and all the struggles he went through, Marc has not been selfish in sharing what enabled him to become so successful. He does this through his book, “They Can’t Eat You.

In the book, Marc Sparks explained how he was able to rise from having limited resources to harnessing his very own resources. The book sole purpose is to act as motivation to the young individuals who downplay themselves. From the book, people get an opportunity of getting the various strategies Marc employed when climbing the success ladder.

Marc Sparks has been involved in the business industry for more than thirty years considering he started building companies after graduating from high school. Though not all were successful, Marc took it upon himself to continue doing what he did best which was starting and managing business organizations.

Marc has been able to build up many profitable companies, and this is why he is referred by many as a business guru. His companies vary from software organizations, telecommunication firms, and financial companies among many others. He also offers capital to start up companies considering he is also a venture capitalist.

Sparks has been able to make so much money from his business which he also gives back to the community. He believes that through helping the less privilege, he gets blessed and become more successful.

Being a philanthropist, Marc has been involved in various programs with the sole purpose of building shelter for the homeless, providing counseling and so on. According to Marc, focus, faith, passion, and determination is all an individual who aspires to succeed needs.