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CEO Doe Deere Inspires “What Feels Right”

Founder and CEO, Doe Deere is inspiring women and men everywhere to find their inner beauty and freedom of expression through her cosmetic line of vibrant, colorful and animal-free products. “Lime Crime” is the dynamic new name derived from Deere’s favorite color, lime, with hopes that this boldly intense line of shadows, lipsticks and nail polishes will break the boundaries of traditional conventional make-up.

The idea was generated from Deere’s sewing experience and her difficulties finding bold-colored fabrics that matched her bold-colored personality. She felt vibrant cosmetic colors weren’t highly pigmented enough and wanted to develop a vegan cosmetic line with a vivacious new twist. Born in 1981 in Izhevsk, Russia, she moved to New York City at the age of seventeen and became a musician. She sewed and also modeled imaginative clothes to sell on E-bay, calling her line – Limecrime. She struggled to find the right cosmetic colors to match her zesty fashion line. Deere was inspired to develop a cosmetic line and began making them to sell on E-bay.

Although she insists she wants to share her love for anything rainbow, she also wants to inspire female entrepreneurship by modeling positive business relationships, fair employer practices and optimism in the work place! She expresses the need to uplift employees and drive success through these values as well as instilling positive reinforced business strategies and making employees feel respected and appreciated. Doe is motivated by the e-commerce industry and Lime Crime was instrumental in the development of the online lip swatch which allows a customer to view the lipstick color on actual lip pictures when deciding on a color.

In addition to being a fashion diva, Doe Deere is also a philanthropist. She has supported various causes such as Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill animal shelter in New York, as well as Adopt-NY, a charity for animals displaced during Hurricane Sandy. She has also supported various women and family-based charity programs such as HOLA, Girls Inc., and Sanctuary for Families. She and her husband currently live in Los Angeles, California with their three cats.

Doe Deere is an inspiration for women and men because her ongoing message is to find the courage to be yourself and express yourself. She believes cosmetics should do more than just mask minor defects in skin type or color and challenges everyone, man or woman, to just wear what feels right at the moment.

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