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Construcap Provides All Services In The Construction Sector

One of the largest companies in Brazil in the construction sector is Construcap. It operates in several segments. They are into Industrial, Commercial as well as Heavy Construction market. All these services can be integrated in order to provide economic viability. This is due to various segments like engineering, electromechanical assembly, as well as civil construction along with pre-operations coming in together.

The scope of Construcap includes engineering, procurement as well as construction. Next, they look into designing and building too. There is pre-construction which is followed by construction. Other aspects are electromechanical assembly in addition to heavy construction leading to structured projects. There are 3 main segments here. These include buildings, industrial as well as infrastructure.

Construcap has been able to achieve these levels of success as it is based on the belief of good engineering along with technical capacity on Next is efficiency that is coupled with competitiveness. All these are key predictors that have allowed Construcap to continue with its development. In fact this is why the Company has decided to work towards improving its existing Integrity Program at

They have an Integrity Committee. This kind of an ethical environment can help to permeate Construcap. The implementation of the Integrity Program required the formation of the Integrity Committee on This was formed by the senior management of the company along with an independent consultant. It tends to evaluate all employees with regard to the adherence of their actions to the Code of Conduct. It also works towards combating any acts that may be contrary to the law. They also tackle any acts that may not adhere to the internal rules of the company or as per the Business Commitment.

After all, reaching such heights in business is simply not possible without adhering to such norms. Construcap is focused on these integrity values. Each and every employee of Construcap is aware of that and hence the Integrity Committee is able to do its part. The company is into backward integration on and hence it is an all-services company with regard to construction sector in Brazil, especially since it is not limited to any single facet alone!

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