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The USA government and the European Union have done a tremendous job in shaping what today is known as Ukraine. The sanctions imposed on Russia have started bearing fruits as the Russian economy that depends so much on oil has seen a sharp economic degradation. The annexation of Crimea and continued meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine has had to affect Russia negatively.

Oil trade is the primary economic activity of the Russian economy, and when the international market price is under the $60 instead of the expected $100 a barrel, and then the effect becomes worse for the Russian economy.

The Russian factor in the global economy makes it paramount for the U.S. and Europe to evaluate their policies toward Russia and Ukraine. This is because if the Russian economy collapses, the effect will be felt globally.

In reality, as Soros puts it, the West cannot afford to fight Russia. This presents them an option of imposing sanctions to limit Russia’s aggression toward her neighbors.

The noble thing that the European Union should continue doing is not to turn their back on Ukraine. It is important that the West stop seeing Ukraine as a Country in need. They should see it as a partner just like any other country in Europe.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros – Project Syndicate

Just as Soros puts it, the new Ukraine is ambitious, keen to be disassociated with the Ukraine of yesteryears. After the new regime came into power, the process of rebuilding is in progress. The only set back is the meddling of her internal affairs by Russia.

The positive side is, the economy has started growing, and many of her citizens are willing to volunteer to assist millions who were displaced by the war with separatists.

Unlike the previous Government where corruption was the order of the day, the new Government has made enormous reforms in major state institutions. Everybody agrees that a lot has to be done to end corruption, especially in the police force. This is an area that bribes are rampant especially due to the many roadblocks erected along many Ukrainian roads.

If adequate reforms are put in place like Georgia did some years ago, then hopes for a more vibrant and citizen-oriented force would be in place. There is hope and a future for Ukraine as seen in most of its citizens, hence, the willingness to kick bureaucracy. This is manifested by the fact that many in the past government are willing to give back to the society. Everybody is watching and waiting for Ukraine’s takeoff.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true


Jennifer says:

Ukraine will be much more stable if her economy thrives. Therefore, Russia will have no option but to back down. Ukraine will be able to defend its territory, feed her population and create jobs. It can also help aussiewriter reviews to do the needful every now and then.

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