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Doe Deere: The Queen of Unicorns

Known as the “Queen of Unicorns” and often recognized with her bright and fun hair, Doe Deere is known for her leading and growing cosmetic company, Lime Crime. The brand Lime Crime is popular because of its unique makeup shades and cute product packing, which resulted in a company that gained fame fast. With business and personal success, growth, and profit rising quickly at surprising rates, many makeup enthusiasts and business professionals want to know what the secret formula is for Doe Deere’s manifestation (as well as what pastel hair shade she is currently rocking).

Although born and (mostly) raised in Russia, Doe Deere was determined to make a life for herself in the United States when first arriving in New York City when she was only 17 years old. Deere’s dream when entering the big city was to become a musician, and she made it happen! Doe Deere joined a band, where she met the man she now calls her husband. Although both Doe Deere and her husband had a passion for making music and songwriting, they joined together to create Lime Crime. When Doe Deere was asked about her and her husband’s business partnership, Doe replied that she and her husband learned how to work well and effectively together back in their musical band days, and that those shining skills transferred to their business endeavors.

Although Doe Deere runs Lime Crime with her husband, much of the creative and unique aesthetic comes from Doe herself. Doe Deere reported that before Lime Crime had been created, she would have trouble finding the bright hues that she wanted to express her makeup style with. Doe Deere turned her frustration into creation, as she decided that Lime Crime would offer shades that typically wouldn’t be found in other makeup brand lines. Surprised at how many other people wanted the shades that Lime Crime had to offer, Doe quickly found herself on the growing ladder of success.

Lime Crime is an amazing example of how unique ideas can be the seeds for business growth. Luckily, Doe Deere decided to plant those seeds, as she may give others the inspiration to express their creative sides both inside and outside of the makeup industry.


Follow Doe Deereon Instagram @DoeDeere.



Irene Raiden says:

The styles she shows are really pretty colorful and we love America for such diversity which is what she portrays. With it shows that this is really what can make a lot of people from around world be proud of their own culture. Trying to fit in is not the problem but anyone can actually try the varieties.

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