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In a recent online article on, Lauren Conrad dishes about her advice for successful, carefree entertaining. According to the article, Conrad has two different fashion collections and is the best-selling author of nine books. She also has almost 10 million followers on various social media sites, says the article. Now, Conrad has started a new retail business called The Little Market and has written a new book on entertaining.

Even though she is amused at the suggestion of being a new Martha Stewart, she is still interested in helping people entertain and be happier hosts, says the article. Her main point is that hosts need to stop worrying about everything being perfect. When everything is too perfect, it may seem fussy and make guests feel ill at ease. A great party, says Conrad, makes people feel relaxed and welcome.

Conrad mentions doing parties with her husband, William Tell. She says that he likes easier themes than what they have done in the past. He likes for everything to be relaxed so everyone is having a good time, says Conrad. She admits in the article that she is learning to compromise. A relaxed host makes for relaxed guests, opines Conrad.

She also talks about their different tastes in collectibles. She likes to collect hand-painted teacups and he likes vintage guitars. Conrad says it is healthy for couples to have their own thing. When it comes to parties, the important thing is to have fun, says Conrad. That means the hosts, too, says the article.

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