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How Lacey and Larkin Foundation is Making the World More Habitable

Many groups fight for human rights which include civil rights,human rights, and migrant’sissues. The groups are a catalyst for change at the local and global level. The groups will provide services ranging from legal services to helping migrants get their rights in the countries they reside.

Thegroups envision a world with no injustices and a place where people can freely express their opinion.

They are several groups that are at the forefront to ensure that humans have decent lives and the reinforce the rule of law. The organization ensures laws are in place to protect the less privileged in society.

These include groups like amazon watch based in San Francisco, ACLUI mmigrants’ rights which ensures that immigrants are protected,The coalition for human right immigrants’rights based in California and Lacey and Larkin Frontera foundation among many others.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation which was founded by the co-founders of New York times Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.The foundation funds organizations that fight for the right of migrants in the whole of Arizona.Lacey and Larkin who began New times Inc while they were students in Arizona state university each took up a role to ensure the news channel grew.

Lacey was the CEO while Larkin primary duty was to market the paper. The weekly newspaper increased in circulation, and the duo was wrongfully arrested in 2007 by Maricopa County Sheriff for revealing grand jury proceedings.

Lacey and Larkin sued the county for the arrest, and in 2013 Michael and Larkin were compensated for the wrongful arrest, and they received $3.75 million.

Lacey and Larkin then used the compensation money to begin the foundation. The foundation supports civil,human and migrants rights in Arizona to ensure freedom of speech and civic participation.

Lacey and Larkin through their foundation have supported various groups including Arizona dream act coalition,Arizona Justice project,Can the Border divide us,Centre for neighborhood leadership,Justice for immigrants, Puente,Trans Queer Pueblo,Promise Arizona,Kino Border Initiative,1070 among others. The foundation has continually endeavored to promote fundamental human rights.

The organization frequently highlights issues affecting the less privileged in society and in partnership with organizations continuously works to improve and make the world a better place.

Larkin and Lacey have used a bad experience to make the world a better, and they are perfect examples of how each one of us can be part of the process to make the world much more habitable even for the less fortunate.

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