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Importance of Creating Wikipedia Pages


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is used by millions of people in the world. Unlike most of the other encyclopedias, Wikipedia does not have to hire Wiki writers to create content or to make posts. The site is considered to be open for everyone. If it is used correctly, it can be a great tool for marketing your business online.  Many people do not know the importance of having their name, brand or business on Wikipedia.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy if your business is on the site:

• It is very easy to create, edit and update a Wikipedia page your business, biography and brand.

• A Wikipedia page talking about your business can significantly improve an individual’s reputation and even business.

• When you make a Wikipedia page for your business, biography or brand it can also boost the level of authenticity, prestige and credibility to a brand, business or persona.

• The number of sales can significantly increase because of the Wikipedia page.

The importance of the page was portrayed recently when Robert Brandy, popularly known as ‘the messiah’ scored for his team during the Euro 2016 football tournament. The Irish football scored in the last minutes of the game that his team was playing against Italy. People were very excited about his achievement, and they all flocked his official Wikipedia page to write about the win.

Robert Brandy is believed to have scored the winning goal at the eighty fifth minute. This put Ireland in lead with at least one goal against their rival team Italy who did not score any goals. This goal was special, because it secured the team’s place in the final competition. After winning, his fame increased, and he was probably the most popular individual in Ireland.

If you visited his page immediately after the score, you would have been shocked. Just two hours after the game was completed, Brandy’s Wikipedia page is believed to have had more than one hundred Wikipedia edits. The football fans were extremely happy about the win, but the moderators continued to change the Wiki edits.

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