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James Dondero To Increase His Phianthropic Efforts Through Higgland Dallas Foundation

Since its inception, Dallas based alternative investment management firm, Highland Capital Management, is actively involved in numerous charitable projects in the local area. The funding initiative of the firm is inspired by the philanthropic activities of its founder and CEO, James Dondero. Actually, Highland Capital Management operates on a global scale, but it prefers funding at a local level to generate immediate impact on neighboring communities.

As the charitable initiative of Highland Capital Management continued to grow, it needed sophisticated management of its fund, which are close to nearly $3 Million per year. As a result, James Dondero wanted to partner with an expert who could provide assistance. Luckily, he found Mary Jalonick, the CEO of Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation offers donor service expertise in Dallas to various prominent firms in the nation. For James, partnering with Mary is an important landmark in the history of his company because it provides a vision for his philanthropic efforts.

Using its strong connections in the Dallas community, the Dallas Foundation will help James realize his goals by creating inspirational, bold and effective charitable programs. According to Mary Jalonick, she feels proud to work with James because James has a vision that goes beyond the average donor. For instance, he is known to provide regular and long-tern funding to various nonprofit institutions in the area. In fact, his philosophy of long-term assistance is a powerful source of inspiration for many nonprofits as it helps sustain their projects without worrying about funds needed to continue charity. As a first step in making an immediate impact on the local communities, Highland Dallas Foundation is formed, which will operate as a subsidiary of Dallas Foundation.

Regarding his ongoing efforts, it is notable that James Dondero actively contributes to various veteran, education and healthcare related projects. In fact, he is also instrumental in supporting such prominent organizations as the Dallas Zoo, the Bush Presidential Library and the Perot Museum. Already, the team has hired another prominent civic leader, Linda Owen, to oversee operations of Highland Dallas Foundation. As such, Linda has immense experience in developing public-private relationships in Dallas.

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