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Jeff Aronin and Precision BP

Paragon Biosciences is an incubator as well as an investor that concentrates on helping patients with medical conditions that have no or little treatment options. Jeff Aronin is the founder as well as the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He founded the organization with the viewpoint that patients who are in need should be able to access innovative medical treatments as soon as possible. Paragon Biosciences has its companies that aim at creating products that treat rare genetic dermatology illnesses, disorders of the central nervous system as well as diseases of the immune system.

The process through which Paragon Biosciences brings medications to life is straightforward at the same time practical. First, the organization recognizes the diseases that those it affects need treatment as soon as possible but the treatment is unavailable or scarce. The company then develops dynamic organizations that do further research as they target the diseases, offering the necessary infrastructure for them to become successful. These organizations in return, speedily advance medications to help the patients who do not have treatment options. Paragon Biosciences has an excellent record of bringing novel medicines successfully to the market. The company has had its 13 new drugs approved by FDA in the last decade, a success record only found with prominent pharmaceutical firms.

The company’s portfolio includes organizations like Harmony Biosciences, which is committed to recognizing, creating, attaining regulatory approval, innovative medicines to address unmet patient needs like sleep disorders as well as central nervous system disorders. Another company in the portfolio is Castle Creek pharmaceuticals, an organization that comes up with innovative therapies for rare incapacitating dermatologic conditions. Precision BP is the third organization in the group is a research and development company dedicated to creating complex treatments in strange genetic oncology conditions.

Jeff Aronin has been in the biotech and healthcare industries for more than 20 years. With a wide range of experiences, he delivers well as the CEO and founder of various pharmaceutical organizations. He has a strong background when it comes to advanced sciences working both drug creation as well as rare diseases. This kind of experience gives him a unique insight into the global market needs.



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