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Lauren Conrad partying tips and Twenty Three Layers

Having conquered other ventures, Lauren Conrad is advancing into the house locale. This is after success in the fashion business as well as in the publishing business and the social media. Lauren Conrad has two popular collections: The Paper Crown and the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. In the publishing industry, she has published nine books among them eight being New York Times Bestsellers. She has over 10 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook combined.

Lauren refutes similarities made of her and Martha Stewart. She believes that those are big shoes to fill. She has ventured into offering people tips to guide them when organizing a party. Conrad says that the key concept to holding a successful party is not to focus on perfection. She also advises that any party that looks so organized will end up being fussy. She believes that the aim of every party is to make people feel comfortable and welcome.

Making people feel comfortable is also a thing for her husband, William Tell. However, the two didn’t always agree on everything. For instance, they never agreed on collectibles. While William cannot understand her passion for tea cups, neither can she understand his love for the guitars. According to Lauren, the significant factor when holding a party is to ensure that you have fun. You should enjoy yourself just as your guests are.

Twenty-three layers is an event planning and design firm that is based in New York City. The energetic and creative minds within this firm will always surpass the dazzling visions you have for your event. The company deals with unique events as well as corporate events and even personal celebration.

Twenty-three layers deal with various events such as corporate events, galas, weddings and even charitable events. Whether in New York and its environs, if you are looking for an event planning firm, you need not look further.


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Twenty-three layers have exquisite attention to detail and an unrelenting demand for perfection. That is why still remains the best place to get advice about them. Twenty-three layers will offer you an unforgettable event that is characterized by the best and even the latest trends in events, entertainment, and even decor.

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