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Lime Crime and Unicorns: Doe Deere

Doe Deere, makeup entrepreneur, has always been colorful. She named her company LimeCrime after her favorite color, lime green, and she advocates breaking fashion beauty rules, especially those regarding color. Her advice: mix and match colors to suit yourself, don’t be afraid to use more than one strong color at a time on your face. Also, don’t be afraid to mix pastels with bold colors. Doe encourages us to trust our instincts, and go with what we love. If you like patterns with patterns, then wear them happily! She prefers to keep her patterns in the same color palette, but encourages others to play with their colors and patterns. Deere believes there is no such thing as too much color. She is full of fun and strongly believes you can have brightly colored hair as well as brightly colored clothing and makeup without looking like a rainbow or a clown: it all comes down to careful coordination.

Ms. Deere defines unicorns as people who are different, aware of being different, and proud of it. She calls her fans Unicorns because she thinks people who choose her products are brave, love color, and defy expectations. As a Unicorn herself, she has other fashion rules that do not involve color. She encourages, proudly wear your socks with open toed shoes and sandals. As the owner of at least a hundred pair of socks, she loves to pair her heels with socks. A pet peeve is the rule that says you must dress your age. Deere’s belief is if you love it, wear it! The same goes for special occasion clothing. Wear your favorite evening gown if you want to. Why have it if you aren’t going to wear it?

Doe Deere started her company as an eBay store, and continues to use e-commerce. Her husband, Mark, is the president of her company. She registered an account on eBay in 2004 as “limecrime” and has not looked back, formally starting her company in 2008. All her cosmetics are cruelty-free, colorful and, yes, magical. She believes cosmetics are a way to express yourself, and that the right color is what feels right at the time.

Doe Deere – Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics


Zachaues Fellow says:

The business advice she follows is the same: trust your gut. She also believes in treating everyone with love and respect, and uses positive reinforcement to influence. It could have been possible for to do what is required and then make sure it works properly.