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Lori Senecal: The Shy Introvert Making It Big In The Global Advertising Industry

Being in a dominated industry demands that one has special skills and a charismatic side that sets them apart from the rest of the candidates. There is no time for a person to be average rather they have to show their prowess and great mastery of what they can do. Lori Senecal is not just an average person. She has fought for her position as a global leader and especially a woman in the advertising industry that has been dominated by the men since time immemorial. For that, she has earned a platform in the 3% Conference that commends women in the creative leadership industry that is mostly reserved for men.

Lori Senecal began her career at the lowest platform but raised to one of the most sought after leaders in the industry. Crispin Porter & Bogusky heard of her tremendous work for various companies, that they had to create a position only for her as the global CEO in the company. She is in charge of the company’s global marketing and advertising strategies that are intended to guide the company into the right direction. She has overseen the growth of the company as it transitioned and helped it established its mark into the global markets.

According to Ad Week, at MDC Partners, she plays the CEO and president of the company and is in charge of revolutionizing the company’s creative products so that they are futuristic and more in line with the demands of the global market. She has earned her reputation for her ability to help companies at their critical moments to strategize and be more suitable to stand tall in their trying moments.

Besides being a strategist, Lori Senecal is a firm believer in women empowerment. She has come a long way, faced her challenges and overcome most of them. She understands the struggles women face especially in the male dominated industry, hence, spends her time mentoring and speaking to women aspiring to venture into the field. In November 2016, she addressed women during the 3% Conference and shared her experience and knowledge regarding to the industry.

In many occasions, she has addressed the struggles she has had with being shy. She admits that being shy and in the advertising industry, more so being a global leader makes it hard. Nonetheless, she gives hope and faith to people facing various fears and encourages them to overcome them as tough as it may seem.

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