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Managing Your Virtual Reputation

In the old days when there was an unhappy customer, a disgruntled employee, or a personal disagreement the maligning of character was spread by word of mouth and the he/she said could easily be refuted and eventually the public lost interest as new tidbits of information came along.

In the 21st century, things are not so simplistic but the basic idea is still the same…

Everything you say can and may be recorded and uploaded to the world wide web for the world to see forever. suggests that if in doubt do a google search of your name or your company’s brand and feast your eyes on what the world knows and thinks about you. If it’s all good – FANTASTIC. But what if it’s embarrassing, incriminating or damaging to your character or your reputation?

Sadly, once it is on the web it is there forever. But there is hope, we can’t make the world forget out indiscretions but we can bury them according to a recent article in Forbes, which offers tips on how to correct your virtual image.

The idea is not to erase unfavorable information but to bury it. There are companies that specialize in getting poor reviews, unfavorable quotes and damaging content off the first pages of a google search because chances are anyone who is looking won’t go beyond page 3. These companies will write or scrub for positive content and biographical information and through SEO and skill in placement they will make sure these are the things that show up when a search is rendered.

Once you get it cleaned up, maintain it by doing monthly searches and posting content that you are proud of on the major social media sites. Put up press releases of accomplishments and keep the image that you want at the forefront.

Basically If you would not shout it out of your front door for your neighbors to hear then you don’t want to put it online. Keep each interaction as if you are dealing with your boss or a highly respected friend, no hurt feelings, no rudeness, no unfair treatment. It takes effort to maintain a positive virtual image but it’s worth it to build an enviable brand.


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