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Normann Pattiz Pronounces Results of PodcastOne’s Brand Lift Studies by Edison Research

Edison Research and PodcastOne have been engaged in a number of comprehensive studies targeting five major brands involved in diverse services and products categories. This one-of-a-kind study on the pre- and post campaign on the brand lift that podcast advertisers benefit from was done in the second half of 2016.

The results, as released by Norman Pattiz, the executive chair of PodcastOne and Tom Webster, the VP of strategy from Edison Research showed a huge positive impact of advertising on podcast. The positive impact was on intent to purchasing, brand recalling and specific messaging. There were some key findings that emerged from the studies carried out by Edison Research.


Edison Research was contracted to take three different studies by PodcastOne in 2016 with an aim of finding the effectiveness of advertising five national brands on its network. A number of the brands were known but were in the process of launching new messages, while the less-known brands were seeking trial and increased brand awareness.

The studies involved the carrying out of online surveys before the campaign advertisements were run on PodcastOne and after they had run for about four to six weeks. At the end of the studies, the research company noted that the audiences showed an interest in the messages as well as posted a higher intent to purchase or consider the brands.


Normann Pattiz, the founder and chief executive chair of PodcastOne stated that the network’s main area of focus remained providing a higher brand impact that is better than the conventional advertising formats. He added that the great results from the study validated the network’s multi-tiered approach when it comes to integrated measurement and advertising.

Tom Webster, on his part lauded the opportunity to partner with PodcastOne in measuring the impact that podcast advertising had on a number of brands. He was content with the end results as they had carried a survey before and after the advertisements ran and correctly measured the impact of this form of advertising.

About Norman Pattiz

Pattiz started PodcastOne and is its executive chairman. He has a rich experience in the area of radio syndication that spans over 40 years. He founded Westwood One, which he propelled to become the largest provider of sports, entertainment, sports, traffic programming and news to America’s broadcast industry.

Bloomberg reveals that Norman Pattiz also founded the Courtside Entertainment Group with an aim of producing and distributing quality programming. He then realized the potential that lay in the untapped audio on-demand sector and founded PodcastOne towards the end of the year 2012.

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