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Jason Hope Believes That the Future Is Here

It is basically impossible to ignore the rate at which our world is changing. If you were to jump into a Delorean and go back in time just ten or fifteen years, you’d see a very different planet. The advent of smart technology and the corresponding influx of research surrounding the tech has made an automated life pulled out of an Arthur K. Dick novel seem all too possible. Jason Hope is a world-renowned futurist who has spent much of the past decade working to establish himself in the tech sector. As a futurist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope knows more than anyone how important it is to look beyond trends in order to see what could be coming next. According to Hope, what comes next is the greatest industry to hit the planet: the Internet of Things. Visit

A functional discussion on the Internet of Things requires that you know a little bit more about the basis of the idea. The Internet of Things is an umbrella phrase that has been slowly working its way into public usage over the past five or six years. What the Internet of Things, or IoT, means is simple. The Internet of Things refers to the way that our world is becoming interconnected by technology, the internet, and automation. It’s easy to look at those three points individually, but Jason Hope would advise you to look at them as a whole. As the Internet of Things.

For Jason Hope, the Internet of Things represents the next great wave of technological innovation in society. He is of the firm and unwavering belief that the Internet of Things will open doors to a new way of living where life is easier, more efficient, and healthier for everyone involved. Specifically, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will open doors to the kind of life that we’ve always dreamed of. From improved public services to fully networked homes guiding our lives, he believes that the Internet of Things is not only here to stay but it is here to transform the world that we live in straight to its core. Read more on


How Stream Energy gives back to the society

Since the inception of Stream Energy in the market, they had the idea of doing things that would be helpful to people in the society. They were concerned about the future, and they knew they would do things that would allow them to help others to have a positive experience. Apart from providing excellent services to their customers, they wanted to give back to the society and help many who are needy. It is a way of creating a favorable environment for others when they are in their difficult times. Those who experience tough times can now appreciate the excellent work by Stream Energy. They know how it feels during the time of disasters and that is why they are always ready to help others. They are confident when it comes to helping others. They want to give them the best opportunities to achieve their endeavors.

Stream Energy wants the best future for everyone in the society. They feel that they have a responsibility of helping others in the community because they are an integral part of it. The organization has dedicated employees, and it has been working hard to come up with the best ideas to help those struggling when there is a disaster. During a disaster strike, many families and children struggle with a lot of issues. These are the people who face a lot of challenges if they are not helped. But the best part if that Stream Energy is dedicated to assisting them to no matter what challenges they are facing. They have put up charitable efforts through an arm known as Stream Cares. They give people a chance to in their life. Through this charitable arm, they also educated people on how they can get back to their feet.

Success does not come easy in business. That is why Stream Energy has considered helping others because they know what others can go through. Their main aim is to help as many people as possible, and they have already succeeded in doing it. Stream Energy will continue to excel in their endeavors because they help others achieve their dreams. Establishes New Partnerships To Further Drive Business Growth, or Jingdong as it is often called, is one of China’s leading online retailers. They recently launched a new effort to get people in China to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is called the “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” which was announced in the city of Hong Kong. The formed a partnership with San Miguel which is a huge citrus firm located in the Southern Hemisphere. Along with San Miguel, 18 other large fruit producers will take part in this initiative. This includes industry mainstays such as Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. General Manager Wu Zhengzhi of the Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division said that they want consumers to eat better diets. Their Jingdong Fresh will be able to soon roll this initiative out globally and will create a direct link between farmers and consumers. He said that their new partners will gain greater access to the Chinese marketplace creating a win-win for everyone involved.

San Miguel’s Commercial Manager Andres Haloua said that he looked forward to establishing a closer relationship with customers through By using the Jingdong e-commerce website they would be able to offer a wider range of products. They are also relying on’s vast experience selling products online. Jingdong also recently established another partnership with the Thai retail firm Central Group. Jingdong had launched JD Central in Southeast Asia which is their e-commerce platform. This platform was launched with the help of Central Group and joins another e-commerce platform has in Vietnam which is Tiki.

They started testing this new platform on June 18 and it fully launched in September. Jingdong’s new JD Central platform sells a huge range of products. This includes electronics, books, home appliances, fashion, processed foods, cosmetics, and music. By far most consumers are using smartphones to access this platform and both fashion and mobile devices have been leading the charge when it comes to sales. has established itself as China’s biggest retailer including both online as well as brick & mortar. They are also one of China’s biggest internet companies period when it comes to revenues. They offer same-day and next-day delivery to their over one billion customers.

Robert Ivy: CEO and Architect

While school and job training can help workers learn what they need to do their job, professional organizations can offer a lot more. They recruit workers and have educational programs. They have resources that help people who are new to the workplace. They hold annual conferences that let workers meet leaders from their field. Members consider this a big bonus to belonging to these organizations. Connections made at these conferences let people know about available jobs and offers. Networking at these conferences forms relationships that can help members find jobs. These organizations offer members access to job boards that are hosted by associations and maybe some of their staff members. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Being a member of a professional organization can give you credibility. It shows employers that you’re committed and have leadership skills. Having society awards will expose both you and your resume. Being a member of an association can cost anywhere from 50 to 1000 dollars. Some workers pay for the membership themselves, while others have their employers pay for them.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He has been the CEO since 2011. He is also practicing to be an architect. Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, or MIAL. He is the first architect to receive this award.

Before AIA, Robert Ivy was the editor in chief of Architectural Record. He received the National Magazine Award along with several other awards. He was named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture fraternity. He has a BA in English from Sewanee: The University of the South and a Master’s of Architecture from Tulane University. He published the biography “Fay Jones: Architect” in 2001, which now has a third edition. Robert Ivy is considered the best architect in Mississippi.

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Fortress Investment Group Has a Lot of Different Things Going on Right Now

Fortress Investment Group has recently made quite a major impact on the Time Square area in New York City. The legendary investment management firm has joined forces with a collaboration of investors to purchase one of the neighborhood’s most iconic buildings, the Palace Theater. This is an exciting bit of news for the community to have this historical landmark in such good hands. Times Square is, of course, famous as one of the most iconic locations in New York City an in the world for that matter. Some of the biggest events in the entire world are held in the area and Fortress Investment Group plans to take full advantage of this fact with the purchasing of this exciting historic entertainment venue.

In other exciting news to recently come out of Fortress Investment Group, the firm is looking to make a major expansion of its popular Brightline train service. This expansion would be to Orlando, Florida and the target completion would be by 2021. This expansion to Orlando would be an extension of the existing route that services Miami to the city of West Palm Beach. So far, the route that is currently in place has been a massive success. That is why there is so much built up excitement over the plans to further extend the trains outstanding services. Commuters in the Miami and West Palm Beach areas have been thrilled with the way that the Brightline makes their morning commutes much less stressful and much more efficient.

Fortress Investment Group itself is the creation of three brilliant investment minds in Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens. This occurred in 1998 and the firm has become a legend in the industry since then. 2014 saw Fortress Investment Group take home the award for Manager of the Year in the hedge fund industry.


Jeff Aronin and Precision BP

Paragon Biosciences is an incubator as well as an investor that concentrates on helping patients with medical conditions that have no or little treatment options. Jeff Aronin is the founder as well as the CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He founded the organization with the viewpoint that patients who are in need should be able to access innovative medical treatments as soon as possible. Paragon Biosciences has its companies that aim at creating products that treat rare genetic dermatology illnesses, disorders of the central nervous system as well as diseases of the immune system.

The process through which Paragon Biosciences brings medications to life is straightforward at the same time practical. First, the organization recognizes the diseases that those it affects need treatment as soon as possible but the treatment is unavailable or scarce. The company then develops dynamic organizations that do further research as they target the diseases, offering the necessary infrastructure for them to become successful. These organizations in return, speedily advance medications to help the patients who do not have treatment options. Paragon Biosciences has an excellent record of bringing novel medicines successfully to the market. The company has had its 13 new drugs approved by FDA in the last decade, a success record only found with prominent pharmaceutical firms.

The company’s portfolio includes organizations like Harmony Biosciences, which is committed to recognizing, creating, attaining regulatory approval, innovative medicines to address unmet patient needs like sleep disorders as well as central nervous system disorders. Another company in the portfolio is Castle Creek pharmaceuticals, an organization that comes up with innovative therapies for rare incapacitating dermatologic conditions. Precision BP is the third organization in the group is a research and development company dedicated to creating complex treatments in strange genetic oncology conditions.

Jeff Aronin has been in the biotech and healthcare industries for more than 20 years. With a wide range of experiences, he delivers well as the CEO and founder of various pharmaceutical organizations. He has a strong background when it comes to advanced sciences working both drug creation as well as rare diseases. This kind of experience gives him a unique insight into the global market needs.



Sussex Healthcare: Professional Care For Elderly

Sussex Healthcare has been ranked among the top organizations that are taking elderly care with lots of seriousness. Having been around for a while, the organization has a very good understanding of the need of the elderly and is thus able to handle them in the most professional way possible. Considering that elderly care is quite competitive, emerging as one of the best means that you are doing your services right. Starting such a company and maintaining it is not a walk in the park.

Without offering the right services to customers, being able to win the people might not be easy. Amongst the personalities that have done the institution great include Dr. Shafik Sachedina. He is an established businessman and medical practitioner that comes from Africa and was born in 1950. Having been able to attend the best schools in the world, Dr. Shafik Sachedina chooses to study dentistry and rose to a very influential figure in the medical industry.

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From his professional background, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has always been at the forefront to ensure that his patients get the best care. He has also been involved widely in charity organizations around the globe. Such institutions include the Aga-khan organization.

This is the type of experience that Dr. Shafik Sachedina brings to Sussex Healthcare, and it is the reason why the company is doing exemplarily well in taking care of senior members of the community. The institution has medical officers sourced from the best institutions in the world. Having been in the market for a long time, Sussex Healthcare understands the needs of the older generation. Experience coupled with expertise from staff members like Dr. Shafik Sachedina are some of the factors that attribute to this organization’s great name.

Sussex Healthcare continues fulfilling its mandate in the care industry without looking back. There is a very bright future ahead for Sussex Healthcare.

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Academy Of Art University’s Kendall Long Television Career

When Kendall Long attended the Academy of Art University from 2010 to 2014, she had no idea that her college career would lead to her success in her television debut. She attended the university majoring in multimedia communications. The courses that she took in order to earn her degree prepared her for working in the entertainment industry. Working in the entertainment industry, led to her reality television debut.

This is no surprise for the art university. For nine decades they have been the institution behind many great people who have careers in many art disciplines like media, communications and design. The school has many majors they offer including fashion, animation, illustration, interior design, communications and industrial design. They offer diverse programs due their diverse student body. Students travel from all over the world to take classes at the school.

The student life, facilities and academics offered by the university create an inviting atmosphere for all of their students. They allow students to flourish in a community ran by professionals who have a passion for educating the talented visionaries that attend this school. The university was launched in 1929 by Richard and Clara Stephens. With time the university flourished to the point, the owners had to get another location. When the second generation took over, the university grew to a total of five thousand students. Today as the third generation of Stephens runs the university, the school is committed to being a leader in being a digital arts university.

The Academy of Art University has always celebrated the careers and accomplishments of their alumni. Kendall Long is one of several cases of people coming to the school with dreams and end up making their dreams a reality. There are twenty five thousand people that call themselves alumni of this university. The school has done an excellent job of creating an engaging community for these alumni members to keep in contact. From Microsoft to Adidas to Abercrombie & Fitch to Macy’s to Disney to Paramount Pictures, this alumni has created career opportunities for themselves in many different art related fields after graduation.

Malcolm CasSelle: Creating the Future Video Gaming

Blockchain, bitcoin and emerging technologies are quickly changing the world. Entrepreneurs like Malcolm CasSelle create ideas from these technologies, turning them into companies of the future.

Cassell’s current endeavor is a de-centralized secure blockchain environment, allowing video game players to make secure in-game purchases. The platform is a virtual marketplace, with no investments in payment security. WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is the early stage company that was born from Cassell’s centralized marketplace in the video game industry. Blockchain has solved plenty of fundamental problems that pre-existed with this type of technology.

Malcolm CasSelle has a goal-based life. His favorite piece of software Evernote allows him to set his daily to-do list and goals for the day. Malcolm is a firm believer in blockchain technology and the difference it will have on everyone’s life. CasSelle has a vibrant history of seizing current opportunities and turning them into a transformative venture.

Fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin, Malcolm was a co-founder of PCCW, a Hong Kong based telecom concern. Early in his wide-ranging career Malcolm led start-ups in the digital and gaming industries. MediaPass, xFire and Groupon’s venture with Tencent in China can all be included in his accomplishments. Malcolm CasSelle has been a part of several rapid growth companies, as both influencer and CEO.

OPSkins is a centralized marketplace for buying and selling items from online video games. The idea for Malcolm’s current company WAX, involves a de-centralized marketplace. This is where the blockchain technology has taken hold.

Wax Tokens are virtual pieces of currency that allow the buying and selling of goods while the video game is being played. The platform can be applied to several industries. Wax Tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Wax Ecosystem is on the verge of exploiting an industry with over 400 million players. Wax Tokens allow for players to open their own virtual stores with access to a world of video gamers. The Wax Blockchain operates in real time and is accessible to anyone. The Ecosystem provides instant payments, trust services and complete security.

Malcolm CasSelle and his worldwide partners are seeking to harness the initial stages of blockchain technology.

A New CEO For Sussex Healthcare Means Change Is Coming

Change is good, at least when it comes to what’s happening at Sussex Healthcare. The new Chief Executive Officer  Amanda Morgan-Taylor has made it clear that good things are on the horizon for the organization.

As a leader in the healthcare industry, it’s important that they not only uphold their image, but that they are genuinely doing what is necessary behind the scenes to make it real. Leading pack in healthcare services in the U.K., means that they also must meet the demands for in home healthcare as well as for their facilities throughout the southeastern portion of the U.K.

Most of the residents who come to Sussex Healthcare are in need of long-term care. There is a variety of specialists on the premises to serve the residents who come to stay there. Amanda Morgan-Taylor made a visit to many of the facility branches to get a taste for what needs to be done to excel. Her watchful eye over the in home aides, as well as looking at the statistics for types of care that are increasing, helped her to prepare for the work ahead.

Custom healthcare plans and services are in demand, and they add to the quality of life for all individuals who have them. These services will address the needs of all who come to seek care from Sussex Healthcare, both in mental health as well as in their physical health. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has taken many steps to ensure that around the clock care is being provided in all of the homes. Additionally, these professionals are trained to care for individuals that are in their last stages of life.

With an increasing demand for specialists and in home health aides, the opportunity for employment is growing at Sussex Healthcare. Offering support services for those who are disabled as well as for the elderly means there is plenty of room for growth. Ms. Morgan-Taylor encourages those with a background in healthcare or special training for those with disabilities to inquire to learn more about what may be happening inside the organization as they expand.

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