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Adam Milstein Focuses on Routines to Get Him Through the Day

Adam Milstein knows that you have to have a routine if you want structure in your business. There are productive routines that focus on the business end as well as relationship routines, daily health routines and so on. You have to always take matters into your own hands to find what routines work best for you. You have to take control of everything that happens throughout your day to day functions. Here are the things that Adam Milstein enjoys for his routines.

Adam Milstein spends very little time actually sleeping. This is not something unusual for someone who is always working on business or working on giving back. During an interview where he was asked about the various routines he has, Adam talks about going to bed shortly after midnight and being awake by 6:30 am, every morning.

Once he wakes up, Adam talks about his morning coffee routine and how he only eats something light. From there, Adam spends at least 30 minutes reading about the news going on in the world. Adam talks about how you need to be informed of the things happening if you want to be successful. From there, Adam finds himself working out on his elliptical or treadmill while watching basketball. Because he knows how to establish a routine, Adam Milstein is also great at establishing a routine outside of the home.

Adam opens up about slipping down the slope if you fail to stick to being healthy, even when you are sick. Working out everyday is how Adam stays in shape physically and mentally. If you allow yourself to make excuses as to why you cannot do something one day, the next day you will find another excuse and so on. The very moment that you begin to not care anymore, is the very moment that you slip down the hill.

For Adam, this is very important. This is how he finds a way to stay focused, on task and successful. It is in part thanks to his routine as well as it is in relations to his business knowledge the partner who helps him in business.

How Lacey and Larkin Foundation is Making the World More Habitable

Many groups fight for human rights which include civil rights,human rights, and migrant’sissues. The groups are a catalyst for change at the local and global level. The groups will provide services ranging from legal services to helping migrants get their rights in the countries they reside.

Thegroups envision a world with no injustices and a place where people can freely express their opinion.

They are several groups that are at the forefront to ensure that humans have decent lives and the reinforce the rule of law. The organization ensures laws are in place to protect the less privileged in society.

These include groups like amazon watch based in San Francisco, ACLUI mmigrants’ rights which ensures that immigrants are protected,The coalition for human right immigrants’rights based in California and Lacey and Larkin Frontera foundation among many others.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation which was founded by the co-founders of New York times Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.The foundation funds organizations that fight for the right of migrants in the whole of Arizona.Lacey and Larkin who began New times Inc while they were students in Arizona state university each took up a role to ensure the news channel grew.

Lacey was the CEO while Larkin primary duty was to market the paper. The weekly newspaper increased in circulation, and the duo was wrongfully arrested in 2007 by Maricopa County Sheriff for revealing grand jury proceedings.

Lacey and Larkin sued the county for the arrest, and in 2013 Michael and Larkin were compensated for the wrongful arrest, and they received $3.75 million.

Lacey and Larkin then used the compensation money to begin the foundation. The foundation supports civil,human and migrants rights in Arizona to ensure freedom of speech and civic participation.

Lacey and Larkin through their foundation have supported various groups including Arizona dream act coalition,Arizona Justice project,Can the Border divide us,Centre for neighborhood leadership,Justice for immigrants, Puente,Trans Queer Pueblo,Promise Arizona,Kino Border Initiative,1070 among others. The foundation has continually endeavored to promote fundamental human rights.

The organization frequently highlights issues affecting the less privileged in society and in partnership with organizations continuously works to improve and make the world a better place.

Larkin and Lacey have used a bad experience to make the world a better, and they are perfect examples of how each one of us can be part of the process to make the world much more habitable even for the less fortunate.

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How to Mix the Modern and Victorian Styles into the Interiors

Owning a Victorian home sounds dreamy. The character-laden ancient antiquity will make you nostalgic for a bygone era. However, the over-embellished nature of the Victorian style does not really go with modern trends. So, if you want it to work in your contemporary setting, you have to figure out a way to mix and match the two styles. Let’s check these tips to find out how to do that mashup to achieve that eclectic look.

Go for a Careful Mixture 

Renovating an entire Victorian home will be costly. So, an eclectic approach that shares the fair concoction of each of the style sounds practical. However, you certainly don’t want an unsightly mess of accessories and décor elements from the two genres clashing with each other.

A well thought out design scheme such as decorating the dining room with a Victorian style settee, classic wing chair, and a clean, modern sofa will help to achieve the appearance you are looking for. Choose a traditional color palette such as the blend of black and off-white, so the entire space look tied together.

 Crown Molding

 It may look completely out of place if you want to incorporate it into a contemporary or mid-century modern home. But, if it has a Victorian quality and character, crown molding can transform the ambiance and add visual interest and value. You can choose something ornate but keep the rest of the décor and furnishings understated featuring minimal patterns and clean lines. Such a room will be the perfect statement of a modern Victorian style.

Bring Craftsman Character with Wainscoting

 If you are up for some renovations, wainscoting decorations, cornice, and dado rails could be some great options. These will bring an instant Victorian flavor into any room of your house. Hold together the juxtaposition of eras by bringing decorative cornicing, ornate plasterwork, and wainscoting panels together with slick sideboard and low-slung sofa into the living room. Such elements were important in Victorian home décor, and they give a place the much-needed form and shape.

Don’t be Scared of Colors

People from the past periods were open to colors. White and other neutral shades had only a little space in that time of lavishness and self-indulgence. People were fond of bold shades such as rich hues of blue, green, red, gold, and others. However, you have to ask in the local paint shop about the heritage color line because those hues were somewhat matte in nature.

If you live in a contemporary home with an open floor plan, use individual accent tones to separate different areas and add the old-world drama. If the house is old-style, paint all the rooms in different hues. Such a color scheme will show a contemporary twist with period details.

Bring in Quality Woodwork

 During the Victorian era, the quality of joinery was directly proportionate to the status and value of the home. Our predecessors had a knack for furniture made of expensive woods such a walnut, mahogany, and oak. Besides, hand crafting, hand carving, and embroidered details were also very popular. The high-quality belongings were a statement of the wealth of the homeowner. So, repurposing the salvaged old-style furniture or adding carved wooden pieces in lamp shades, mirror frames, or window trims will add a Victorian vibe.

 Incorporate the Fine Details

 Don’t forget about it because Victorian people just loved the elaborate decoration. However, the excessive character of that era is in direct contradiction with the restrained, straight-edged nature of the modern style. How can you make them work together? Well, you can scatter some high-shine furnishings around the room, add romance via fresh flowers, and use a textured rug on the floor to achieve a lavishly layered look with a modern flair.

These innovative ways will help you to bring the spirit and appeal of the Victorian era without ruining the modern charm. You just have to be careful that all the matching and mixing does not look out of place and ruin the aesthetic of the interiors.

Securus Technologies’ Three Decades of Serving Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies Incorporation is one of the leading providers of inmate communication and parolee tracking in the United States. It offers its services to more than 2,600 correctional facilities located in 45 states. It also serves the District of Columbia as well as Mexico and Canada. Securus Technologies serves approximately 1,000,000 inmates in the whole country.


It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has additional regional offices in Carrolton and Allen in Texas, one in Atlanta, Georgia and the another one in the Dallas Metro Area. It was founded in 1986 and has ever since continued to offer quality services to inmates and staff in the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies provides both civil and criminal justice technology solutions aimed at maintaining public safety and improving investigations and monitoring activities in the facilities.


For over three decades, correctional facilities have been depending on the technology from Securus Technologies to run the correctional facilities efficiently. The company has continued to offer quality and modern technology solution that has transformed and improved the detention environment. Securus has helped the security personnel in the facilities to maintain security.


Inmate calls are often recorded. The act is essential in collecting the relevant information about alcohol and drug abuse in the facilities hence making it easier for the staff to restrict the illegal activities. With the help of the investigative tools, the staff has been able to efficiently carry out investigations when incidences of harassment or security threats are reported. The reporting data, on the other hand, has been effective in monitoring and doing away with contraband in the correctional facilities.


The LBS software alongside other resources has been used to recover illegal assets worth millions, drugs as well as unlawful money whose recovery would have been impossible without the software. In conjunction with the Investigator Pro, the LBS software puts Securus in a position of being the best telephone provider nationwide.


Information about Nathaniel Ru and His Green Revolution

Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman are co-founders of Sweetgreen, which is a high-end salad chain. It offers healthy and tasty food at a reasonable price. The three founders met at Georgetown University in an entrepreneurship class. The idea to form the company stemmed from the trouble the three had in finding healthy and fun places to eat.

Nathaniel Ru called the landlord to present a business idea, the landlord, however, hang up on him. It took calling her every day for a whole month before she agreed to meet and listen to the three. Read more; Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

The risk that the landlord made in supporting the three college students who did not have restaurant experience to start a business yielded results. The company was launched in 2007. It has now grown to over forty sites located in New York, California, Boston, and Chicago.

Sweetgreen has no headquarters because of its vision to decentralize operations. It enjoys the support of well-known investors like Daniel Boulud, Steve Case, and Danny Meyer.

Nathaniel Ru believes in the success teamwork can achieve. Sweetgreens primary marketing strategy is to be smart, social, local, and sexy. The restaurant uses food photography as a market strategy to attract more customers.

It also hosts a music festival every year called Sweetlife Festival. The festival has a primary goal of appreciating the community, food, and music. The company believes in serving the community and achieving its core value in each of its stores. Nathaniel Ru is passionate about being authentic both in the food and in customer relations.

Nathaniel Ru influenced the aspect of the kitchen being open to ensure that customers see the cooking process and establish a sense of trust. He also believes that how a company enters the market is instrumental in determining success. Nathaniel Ru, therefore, ensures the timing of store openings is considered keenly.

Sweetgreen uses fresh produce every day. Its approach is to accommodate what farmers grow rather than request farmers to grow specific crops. The method reduces food wastage and presents customers with a variety of vegetables. Sweetgreen has an application that customers can use to order food.

The application provides a link to technology and food. Ordering food utilizing the application takes customers two or at most three minutes. The company is always trying out new blends to improve their menu. Nathaniel Ru’s plan to portray that there are more vegetables to eat besides kale has worked in their favor. Their restaurants always have long lines of customers.

Daniel Taub; The Israeli Ambassador Who Performed His Role Effortlessly

During Daniel Taub reign as the Israeli United Kingdom ambassador, trade between the two countries augmented. According to a statement released by the Israeli Embassy, ever since Mr. Taub took over the post-Israel-UK trade links have doubled, and there has been a vital deepening of academic, cultural and business connection between the two nations. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Sajid Javid, a British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills clarified during the British Israeli Business Awards those overall trading transactions of the two nations has entered a ‘golden era.’

More than 300 Israeli businesses began operations in the U.K, and annual bilateral trade was totaling to $5.5 billion.

Mr. Taub is British born and assumed the position of an Israeli ambassador back in 2011. Since he was a peace negotiator, he moved to Northern Ireland to learn more about the situation there in the company if his Palestinian equivalent,

Prior to the adoption of a boycott of Israel that was voted by Britain’s most prominent student union, Daniel expressed during an interview with the Jewish Chronicle back in 2012 of his concerns regarding the atmosphere in specific colleges.

Furthermore, he warned all administrators to ensure all views both in favor and against was articulated freely without free or intimidation. Later in 2014, Mr. Taub paid a visit to Bradford after its member of parliament; George Galloway had declared the area an ‘Israel-free zone.’

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub hailed from the Great Britain born in 1962. Daniel pursued his education at three prominent universities including the Oxford University College and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

In 1989, Mr. Taub relocated to Israel and served as a Combat Medic as well as a reserve officer in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). In 1991, Mr. Taub was hired by Israeli’s foreign affairs ministry and was involved in several diplomatic and legalpositions.

He was then elected the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011, and he served the post until 2015. Presently, Daniel Taub is working as the planning and strategy director at Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Additionally, Mr. Taub is a lecturer and an eloquent public speaker famous for his sense of humor.

He has been featured in several media outlets including CNN, Sky News, Hardtalk, Newsnight and the BBC Radio 4’s Today show. He remains the first ever Israeli Ambassador to be interviewed by the BBC Persian service.

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Bridget Scarr’s Stunning Creative Mind

Bridget Scarr is an Executive Producer based in London in the United Kingdom. She is also an author as well as a songwriter. Bridget said that any single moment that she’s not focusing on a television project; she’s busy with her first novel or her first album. Bridget values any form of content because knowledge has the power to change how we see things as well as the world as a whole. Creativity accompanies any positive change, and according to Scarr, creativity has helped her in great depths. Bridget has had rough times that at some point in life she lost every asset she owned.


Bridget explained that all she had was the anger and bitterness left in her mind. She felt broken and torn, but the inner creative voice helped. Creativity gave her a reason to rise and face the problems. Bridget’s passion for books and music gave her the strength she needed to combat life challenges. At the moment Bridget Scarr is grateful to where life has taken her, and she appreciates every single opportunity that comes her way. She is one person who enjoys life including the good and the bad times. Bridget’s positive approach to life has brought success to everything she does.


Bridget Scarr’s creativity extends to her work, and she’s known for developing captivating content. Some of the projects she has managed to work on include digital content, interactive exhibition, and virtual and augmented reality. Bridget’s plans move large audiences at an emotional level and intellectual level. Her experience is another significant factor in her line of work. She has been in the production industry for more than 15 years. Bridget has enough experience in the animation sector, television, and advertising. She has managed to develop children’s animation, drama shows, and lifestyle entertainment programs.


Currently, Bridget Scarr is in charge of the content development and strategy department at Colibri Studios. Her roles include reaching out to international broadcasters, creative talent, and other project partners to oversee different projects. Scarr is also responsible for the developments that take place every single day. Bridget opened the Colibri Studios for her to work on her ideas and implement them for everyone to see. Bridget stated that she’s at the moment working on a new project, that is, the augmented reality project. The project integrates both scripted elements with factual ones. The stories help people understand better the issues people went through at such a particular time. Bridget Scarr is terrific at what she does.


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Troy McQuagge’s Professional Prowess Gets Recognized at the Annual One Planet Awards

Earlier this year, USHEALTH Group’s, Troy McQuagge was named as CEO of the Year at the annual One Planet Awards. The award seeks to honor excellence in every sector globally from a business and professional perspective.

Different firms from around the globe, private and public are eligible to enter the competition by submitting nominations. All manner of startups and both nonprofit and for-profit organizations are also eligible to submit their nominations.

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, an organization he joined back in 2010. What he first task at the organization was to restructure USHEALTH Advisors, the organization’s captive distribution agency. McQuagge was able to achieve this and saw his rise CEO and President in the company. Four years later during his tenure, USHEALTH Group has seen significant gains regarding growth and profits. This made it stand out in the individual health insurance industry.

McQuagge’s primary role at USHEALTH Group was to come up with a strategic plan to ensure profitability and growth in its operations. His leadership has proven to be a success seeing that USHEALTH Group has posted record-setting results for the past three years.

This is not his only success; he has over three decades worth of experience in posting similar results in several other organizations. In his previous positions, he has been able to show impeccable ability in problem-solving as a leader.

Upon receiving the prestigious One Planet award, McQuagge stated that he was honored to be recognized on such a big global stage. He added that the award was in the real sense deserved by the entire USHEALTH Group fraternity given their invaluable contribution.

McQuagge further stated that the award represented the company’s unrelenting efforts towards fostering innovative coverage`to their clients. The innovative coverages have seen affordable coverages to customers that grow as their health needs grow.

One Planet Awards is an awards event specially made for companies (profit and nonprofit) by rewarding their professional and business excellence. The awards are divided into various categories. Read more: Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

These include marketing, public relations, new products and services, executives, corporate communications, and teams. The One Planet Awards welcome applications from organizations around the world making it one of the biggest events of its nature.

According to Glassdoor, the USHEALTH Group Inc is an American insurance holding company dealing with the provision of individual health coverage. It targets small business owners and other self-employed persons and provides innovative coverages for them.

The Texas-based company looks to provide the best possible customer experience in every aspect. It hopes to achieve this by offering highly profitable and competitive products by exploiting its talented team of employees.

Designers From Around The World – Academy of Art University

On September 9th, 2017 the Academy of Art University accomplished something that is very unheard of.. They presented their TWENTY FIRST catwalk in a row! This years designs were made by fashion designers from all around the globe, so they delivered many different styles and colors on the runway for the audience to see.


The designers of these eye catching fashion statements have used the things and people they saw as an inspiration to them when they created the clothing that was worn by these models. Some of the fashion designers used things such as nature – like the water and the trees, while other designers used things such as the people they saw in certain environments, including their tribe or religions flags. Some of them were even inspired by the equipment worn by old war heroes from different countries, such as China.


These designs that were created are most certainly interesting, in a good way. They are made with many different materials and they are basically every color you could imagine! These designs make a very bold statement, that much is for sure!


The Academy of Art University offers a chance for you to express yourself. They have courses such as ; design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. You can join in their athletics, explore city life and join fun clubs and organizations! The Academy of Art University provides their students with wonderful teachers and they teach you in a fun way.


The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and it was founded in 1929! It has 283 full-time teachers with a staggering 12,600 students who attend here! This university’s president is Elisa Stephens, their school colors are red and black and one can attend the university online or on campus.


Its teachers are all very well educated, so the classes one attends are very in depth, hands on and informative. This university has an incredible 4,305 students who are post-graduates, which is simply amazing! This university has produced some of the best known fashion designers out there, including Heidi Montag!


This university is very prestigious and offers the best artistic experience you can receive. But despite that, it has a 100% acceptance rate to anyone who is really truly passionate about art and fashion. The tuition for this university is around $20,340 in order to attend.


Green Park CEO Livio Bisterzo Secures New Funding For Hippeas Brand Snacks

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and a private equity firm located in Chicago, Strand Equity Partners, have both contributed substantially to Hippeas chickpea puff snacks.

The CEO and Founder of Green Park Brands Inc., Livio Bisterzo, declined to comment on the exact amount of these contributions. Green Park is the parent company of Hippeas. Bisterzo did say that $2.5 million has been raised thanks to various investors and friends of the company.

Hippeas are currently available in stores such as Vons, Starbucks, and Albertsons. Green Park plans to offer Hippeas at Target and Kroger Co. later this year. Various stores also sell the snacks in the UK, and the company has an office there.

A Different Sort of Snack and Company

Investment in Green Park Holdings comes at a surprising time for the chickpea. Sales of chickpea-based snacks are up more than 150 percent according to 2016 data. Bisterzo believes he is one of the first to tap into the new snack craze, and he’s also proud to remind consumers that chickpeas replenish depleted soil with much-needed nitrogen.

Green Park donates two cents to Farm Africa for each bag of Hippeas sold. Farm Africa helps African farmers grow sustainable and eco-friendly crops. Bisterzo believes this philanthropic gesture to be essential to his company’s success.

At the moment, Livio Bisterzo has product branding on his mind. He plans to use the new funds from Strand Equity and Leonardo DiCaprio to build up distribution networks, marketing, and general product branding. Strand Equity believes that Hippeas is an almost ideal snack food. They’re good for you, they’re good for the environment, and the product represents a donation to help Africans.

Bisterzo’s Successes

Livio Bisterzo’s family originally came from Italy, but he moved to the UK to study at London’s University of the Arts. He eventually created an events business, and his business portfolio ranged from consumer brands to hospitality services. Bisterzo’s brands were featured in Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, and many other high-profile sources. He got out of the event business in 2010.

In 2011, Bisterzo acquired a Danish beverage business called Little Miracles. Little Miracles offered a unique organic blend of tea and juice. The brand quickly grew across Europe, and it won several international awards. Bisterzo moved to Los Angeles in 2016, and he began his US-based work with Green Park and the Hippeas brand.