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The Ingrained Influence and Reputation OSI Industries Has Attained

The food manufacturing industry has continued to expand even in the countries that didn’t expect it soon. Many food processing companies have come up to offer quality processed food products, and this has made competition to get stiffer each day. OSI Industries is a food processing company that would top the list if you were looking for some of the well-doing companies in the food industry today. The input of the leaders like David MacDonald has made this possible. The beef processing company is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI has helped improve the quality of the food service productions in this region and beyond. Some of the products OSI deals with include root vegetable, beef, and fish.

According to the leadership of this company, its acquaintances are aware of the business association and customs the company has in the region. This was MacDonald’s quotation when CEOCFO Magazine organized a discussion moment with him in 2017. The management choices of the company are the best. OSI Industries does its best to ensure product classifications are made available to its clients irrespective of their localities and geographical barriers. Any company knows it’s growing if it’s able to offer its customers quality products daily. It’s great to see the dramatic developing arc OSI Industries has been riding. David MacDonald has been a force in the growth, and great name OSI has attained today.

Besides serving as the Chief Operating Officer and President of this great food processing firm, he has also been the supervisor for its projects. You can’t talk about food trade, and you don’t talk about OSI as a pacesetter. It’s unbelievable that a company that was once a butcher shop is now an invincible beef supplier in the food industry.MacDonald tried all he could to make the company the strong wave it has become today. The company is now famous even in the Asian Pacific region because of its unique merchandising supplies. MacDonald says Turi Foods and OSI Industries have dozens of consumers they serve and this has given them an incontestable business reputation. MacDonald affirms that the union between these two companies has created some new groundbreaking ways they use to serve their potential customers. The company’s relentless innovation and technical procedures show the inexorable evolution the company is pursuing.

The power of determination as seen from the story of Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus was born into a family that did not have much. This would prove detrimental to him when he tried applying for medical school only to realize that their financial situation would not allow him to pursue the same. This, however, did not discourage him from pursuing other dreams and at seventeen he got an internship with IBM. During his stay there he was able to visit various departments and even though he knew the opportunities that lay in the world of computing his heart and mind was not in it. This would see him look for a new job at Casa Faro a travel agency through a newspaper advert. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on crunchbase.

This job granted him the opportunity to learn more about the tourism industry and the opportunities that lay there. His determination to get his own establishment would kick in immediately, and two years later he and a partner founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. At the time Guilherme Paulus did not have more to pour into the business, and therefore he had to give his time and expertise to earn his share. His partner would quit approximately four years later and left the entire operation to Guilherme Paulus. This granted him the opportunity to reshape CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A and mold it into something he would be proud of. Over the years he would encounter various challenges, but was able to overcome them, something that he is keen to tell any new entrepreneur today. His resilience would pay off nine years later when he got an opportunity to take Mercedes employees on a tour that would open his eyes to new opportunities within the industry. Today CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A is one of the biggest tour operators in Brazil and has its offices in over 456 cities in Brazil alone. This, coupled with its online presence has enabled it to attract clients from Brazil as well as those coming to visit the country. Guilherme Paulus is also very passionate about innovation, he believes that his company has gotten to where it is in large part due to its ability to constantly innovate.

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The Contributions Of José Auriemo Neto Towards The Success Of JHSF

The Contributions of José Auriemo Neto towards the Success of JHSF

JHSF Corporation is a real estate company based in Brazil. It has remained famous over the years due to its dealings with recurrent hospitality assets such as hotels, shopping malls, airports, and other significant projects. The company has its operations distributed on different continents including Uruguay and the United States. The market value of JHSF is approximated to be R$1.2 billion with over 6 million meter square real estate projects. The company was founded by José Auriemo Neto and his brother together with other partners in 1972.

In 2001, the successful company expanded its territories to shopping center development where it hosted the Metro Santa Cruz project. This was the first shopping mall build in Brazil. JHSF subsequently experienced tremendous success and in 2001 managed to become the majority shareholder of the Fasano Group’s hotels. The company is also remembered for inaugurating Catarina Fashion Outlet in 2014 which was the first luxurious market in Brazil. JHSF’s expertise has also been felt in the United States where it has developed several residential houses including the Cidade Jardim complex.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the current CEO and Chairman of JHSF Cooperation. He steers different development projects in both public and private sectors and has been able to build remarkable office buildings and hotels. José Auriemo Neto has the role of administering the shopping and retail portfolios of JHFS including Cidade Jardim. He has also overseen several partnerships and retail agreements which have contributed to the company’s success.
José Auriemo Neto went for his undergraduate program at the University of Fundacao Armando Alvares penteado which is based in Sao Paulo. He joined JHSF in 1993 and is known as the founder of the company’s service department. He is also the owner of Parkbem, a company that deals with parking lot management.

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OSI Industries a Far Reaching Global Innovator

If asked to name the brand that is symbolized by the golden arches, I’m sure you would have no issue naming the fast food giant. We’d be hard pressed to find a person on this planet that doesn’t know who or what McDonald’s is. But even the global burger monger has small roots. And if you were to trace them all the way back to 1955, you’d find yourself in Illinois, and more specifically, you’d find yourself at the OSI Industries doorstep.

OSI Industries started as a small family butcher shop on the west side of Chicago in Oak Park. It was 1909, and German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky decided to open up a modest shop of fresh meats that would grow into the OSI Industries we know today. Otto’s business continued to grow, and by 1928, once his two sons were involved in it, they were rebranded as Otto & Sons.

As Otto & Sons, they would find themselves in a partnership with a man with a vision of fast meals and good service. That man was Ray Kroc, also known as the mastermind behind the McDonalds franchise, and he was ready to take the country by storm with Otto & Sons riding shotgun next to him. Otto & Sons supplied fresh beef for the McDonalds franchise, and found themselves growing with it, creating cutting-edge technology to keep up with the demands the restaurants had.

This wasn’t their only venture though, with McDonalds in one hand, in the other they still served local restaurants and retail markets. Once they were solidified in this, they began to expand their global reach and rebranded themselves again in 1975, now going by the name OSI Industries. And OSI Industries were on the fast track to creating a globally recognized and trusted name.

Now this company can be found in the United States, the United Kingdom, in Spain, in Germany and the Netherlands. Growing from such humble roots to the global food market in a little over a century is incredible, and this is one company to truly keep an eye on, as it’s only continued progress from here.

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William Saito A man of Many Talents

William Saito may not be a household name in the United States, however he is well known in Japan for his software programing capabilities. The tech mogul started his very own company when he was only a teenager and quickly became recognized as a leading authority on cyber security, biometric authentication and encryption. In the early two thousands, he sold his first business to Microsoft and moved to Japan. It was there that he created a company by the name of Intecure which helped entrepreneurs identify innovative technologies. William Saito has served under the prime minister of Japan, and has also served as the Chief Technology officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation commission. Currently, he serves as an advisor to several governments around the world. During the 2011 Tohohu earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, William was asked to step up as the Chief Technology officer of Japan’s first accident investigation commission for Parliament of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission. William was there for his country when they needed him most and was able to help them move forward from this horrendous tragedy. At present time he is extremely busy serving as a University professor as well as being a board member of multiple companies.

William Saito lives by the philosophy that failure can ultimately lead to success. This philosophy is especially important for the entrepreneurs who he works with directly. He is quick to remind them that not every idea will succeed, but that they can’t improve unless they put themselves out into the market. In an interview with William, he was asked what the most important advice would be for an entrepreneur. He replied that persistence and acceptance of failure are crucial to success. He attributes his success to selling a reliable product that a customer will want to buy more than once. William continues to look to the future and is interested in expanding business models internationally through taking outdated industries and making them mobile accessible.

William Saito lives by the philosophy that failure can ultimately lead to success. This philosophy is especially important for the entrepreneurs who he works with directly. He is quick to remind them that not every idea will succeed, but that they can’t improve unless they put themselves out into the market. In an interview with William, he was asked what the most important advice would be for an entrepreneur. He replied that persistence and acceptance of failure are crucial to success. He attributes his success to selling a reliable product that a customer will want to buy more than once. William continues to look to the future and is interested in expanding business models internationally through taking outdated industries and making them mobile accessible.

Igor Cornelsen Is A Seasoned Investment Banker

How He Got Started

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Curitiba Brazil in 1947. He went to engineering school, and then after 2 years he changed course and began studying economics. He finished school in 1970 and started working at an investment bank. Engineers were actually good at calculating compounded interest rates without calculators and computers. He gained popularity for his skills and moved on to work in Rio. As a good investment banker he was promoted to board of directors of Multibanco with only 4 years of experience in investment banking. In just 2 more years he was the CEO.

Navigating The Rest Of His Path

When Bank of America bought Multibanco Igor felt it was time to move on. He began his new investment life at Unibanco. That was one of top firms in Brazil. He stayed there for about 7 years while the inflation rate was super high. When his time was up there, he started working for a London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC. Libra Bank PLC introduced Igor Cornelsen to receiving and working with US dollars. He stuck with his colleagues and they all went to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Igor came on as a board of directors member and Brazilian representative. After 7 years of success there, Igor left and decided to open his an investment firm, offering services he had experienced giving at the London banks. Igor works at his own firm as an investment manager. He contributes to the operations of his own fund on a daily basis.

How He Branched Out

Igor Cornelsen feels it was only a matter of time before he would open his open firm as an investment banker. He had several years of experience and it finally let up to him branching out on his own. His days start early in Sao Paulo. He is ready when markets open in Europe. He watches international news, studying economies and other companies, making adjustments to his portfolio accordingly. Some days he meets with his colleagues to share opinions about the state of the markets. To bring ideas to life by watching economies and seeing which investing assets are improving. He then sells assets in countries he believes will dissolve because of political issues or economic changes.

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Loius Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a graduate of the HEC Montreal Business School. He holds a degree in production management. With his education, he is supposed to ensure that goods produced are of the right quality, quantity, are produced at the lowest cost and at a fast pace. The overall intention is to ensure that companies make huge profits. It is clear that the role of a production manager in a business setup is critical. The efficiency of the production department will influence the performance of the whole company. So, this is an area that deserves to be left to the best of the best. Louis Chenevert happens to be one of those who can be relied upon to change companies by facilitating efficient production.

When Louis Chenevert finished his degree, his first job was at General Motors. He was placed as a manager in an auto production line. The decision to assign this job proved one of the best for the firm. His line was the most efficient. He assisted General Motors assembly to increase its production capacity by lowering the time needed to accomplish assembling. Louis Chenevert spent 14 years in the company before making a switch to another industry. In this period, he learned vital lessons about the production which he was ready to utilize in his job destination.

Louis Chenevert moved to the aerospace industry where he became one of the best production managers ever. Armed with experience from the auto industry, he was ready to transform the aerospace industry. One vital lesson he had learned from the GM production plant was that production ought to be fastest as a possible. In the assembly line at GM, they were producing one car in one minute.

When Louis Chenevert moved to the aerospace industry, the company he joined was UTC. He joined one of the business under the conglomerate known as Pratt & Whitney. He worked in this firm for over a decade improving its production capabilities over the years. One of the track records he left at the time of his exit was lowering the production time of one jet engine by a year. He later became the CEO of UTC in 2008.

Will The Acquisition of GovPayNet Be Beneficial to Securus or a Disaster?

The journey of GovPayNet and Securus Technologies is one that the market is looking forward to with great certainty. As the acquisition of GovPayNet by Securus was made factual, so did the excitement by the two CEOs. How well will this acquisition fare and will it be a continues uphill progress or will it fall flat on its face?


GovPayNet has been in business for over 20 years. Processing government agencies’ credit and debit card payments and putting many bright smiles on user’s and investor’s faces in the process. With 2,300 agencies serviced in 35 states across the U.S., its cutting edge technology and customer service has been a positive experience in which these agencies have appreciated.


Securus was founded in 1986, over 30 years of market surging, providing governmental focused technology towards: public information, incident management, emergency response, inmate self-service and other related technology to law enforcement, correctional facilities and public safety – over 3,500 agencies in the U.S.


These two governmental focused companies, together is a definite impact on the market and since the acquisition, a market share increase have been in their favor, taking substantial amounts from leading competitors.


As it has been reported, Securus has managed to score a whopping 40 million payment processes a year since the acquisition and plans to increase that number by at least 24% by next year.


The CEOs of each company: GovPayNet – Mark Mckenzie and Securus – Robert Pickens, both are extremely electrified about working with the other and with the successful history of these two over the years, ideas of greatness and prosperity is set to transpire in the future to spearhead accomplishments much greater than 40 million payment processes a year.


Visit the websites of both GovPayNet and Securus Technologies to get a detailed content description of what incredible benefits the two companies have to offer this year.


Dr. Mark McKenna is the Creative Mind Behind OVME

It was during his time at Tulane Medical School that Dr. Mark McKenna realized being a doctor didn’t necessarily mean he’d be making a lot of money. It’s not that he didn’t care about helping people with their health issues, because he did, but he also wanted to be able to provide for a family in the meantime. So, instead of going into medicine after graduating, he decided to create a business in real estate. He did, and he did it in New Orleans. The problem was that Hurricane Katrina came through and wiped all of his businesses out.

Dr. Mark McKenna had begun to put together the company which is now known as OVME, which will be a chain of cosmetic medical offices in the United States that will have an app that will allow people to receive these services quickly and conveniently. The app will enable customers to be able to contact freelance practitioners who can show up right at their home to provide them with the services the need. The idea for the name of the company comes from the fact that OVME is pronounced to sound like “of me,” which points out that it is all about the customer. To know more about him click here.

If you take a look at the Twitter account of Dr. Mark McKenna, you’ll notice that a lot of his tweets are focused on someone very special to him. That person is his daughter whom he is very close to and loves very much. Along with tweets related to her, the doctor shares tweets about his new hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, health related news, and news about his company, OVME.

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Integrative Cancer Care Approach Promised by Cancer Treatment Centers of America Explained at WebMD

The remarkable integrative cancer care approach promised by Cancer Treatment Centers of America is explained at WebMD. This informational medical data site breaks down some of the complexities in current oncology treatments to enable public understanding of cancer care and its treatment options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America informs all of their welcome patients of their holistic way that they deliver amazingly cutting edge cancer regimens. CTCA employs the best advanced cancer care methods in their whole body treatment care plans. Experts from this well known institute explain that the oncology field now also includes beneficial supportive care measures and alternative medicine therapies like Reiki and aromatherapy that often benefit cancer patients.

Holistic medicine provides unique methods that target the entire body system. Cancer Treatment Centers of America remains a high tech healthcare provider unafraid to use promising new oncology treatments as they are developed. Additionally, CTCA works to also provide dietary support, emotional therapy, exercise modules, naturally derived sleep aids and the latest remedies for pain, fatigue, weakness and nausea that many cancer patients in treatment often complain about. Relieving these hard to handle side effects goes a long distance in enabling a patient to continue their course of treatment now that side effects have been addressed and dealt with.

WebMD has a new article on the various cancer treatment options, recent oncology news and explanation on Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s novel methods that have many patients cheering. CTCA provides highly individually determined oncology care that includes medical and drug treatments, targeted radiation therapy and surgical methods for erasing cancer. CTCA also offers therapies that boost a person’s immune system. These combined oncology treatments pack a powerful punch able to fight this disease until hopefully a patient enters remission. Cancer survivors today are embracing this healthier lifestyle method and are leading full and happy lives.

Even family members of oncology patients get special treatment from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This healthcare provider offers family support with therapy, oncology education and practical means of care too. Cancer survivors have often praised Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s precise cancer treatments combined with wellness therapies designed to strengthen and improve a cancer patient’s health. These therapies can address mental and emotional problems also. Patients are treated with the utmost respect at any CTCA facility. This expansive healthcare organization remains dedicated to promoting timely oncology treatments like those on WebMD now