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Rowing to the Top with OCC

Orange County College rowers were setting out to head to nationals for their 12th year. Nationals were held in May of 2017 in Lake Lanier, Georgia. While practicing they were able to reaches speeds up to 25 mph, which helped encourage and get everyone ready to win. Daniel Amado is the captain of the team. While rowing in high school he broke one of the disks in his back and is now able to row again. He has said that rowing teaches you that you have the physical and mental skills that make it so you can overcome anything that is set before you. Steve Morris is the assistant coach, who enjoyed rowing on the water when it is nice and calm. He know everyone has to work together to function as one, if they are off by a hair, everything is out of whack. He was the head coach for most of the 90’s, but his day job and family need him. So he stepped down to just assistant coach. Prior to being head coach, he was on the rowing team in the 80’s. When you walk into the David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center you will see many national title flags hanging on the walls, along with team pictures and the boats all stacked up on top of each other. This school has seen 10 of its former students go onto compete in the Olympics for Rowing. Most of the men who are on the team, have never rowed before. The coaches take pride on the fact that the students have to work together with dedication and physically push themselves to limits they didn’t think possible before. Many of their students later get full scholarships to big name universities all thanks to rowing.


Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, California. It provides over 135 academic and career programs for students to choose from. They offer a two year program for all degrees. The classes that you take can also transfer to other universities and colleges throughout the United States. This community college has over 25,000 students enrolled each semester. They provide courses throughout the year. Learn more:



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