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Sample White Shark Media Complaints and their Contribution to Improving

White Shark Media has over the years had clients complimenting their services but there have been some complaints too. This is normal as it is extremely hard to form a company from nothing to ensure that it produces the lowest number of complaints. The complaints have helped the company to be able to roll out better services at last. Below are just but a sample of some of the complaints the company has received.

Clients complain of losing touch with their AdWords campaigns. This was caused by the reporting procedures that the company had setup initially and small business owners could not review the reports easily. Each client is now made aware of everything to do with their new campaigns to enable them view how a certain keyword or ad performs. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Another complaint is about clients feeling that the communication is not good enough. White Shark Media Complaints team is a consultancy agency communication and therefore it takes communication to its clients as highly as offering quality results to them.

The company changed this to include monthly status calls that were scheduled with GoTomeeting and phone systems that have direct extensions.

There were some complaints that the older campaigns were doing much better than the new and ‘optimized’ campaigns. The company has to ensure that every client who comes to them has a successful campaign and this complaint was a criticism on the overall competency of the company. The company had to give more importance to some procedures like ensuring active campaigns are in active use.

Other steps included having supervisors that are highly experienced providing feedback and overseeing the entire campaign management. A complaint about the company not offering SEO services was also made but the company does not offer such services maybe reviewing the SEO proposals.

The other complaint was about a client getting a contact person who was not in tune with their needs. In order to remedy this situation, SEM consultants who are senior follow every client all the way from signing up to optimization stage.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a company that is great in AdWords management and is a Google AdWords premier SMB Partner. This program is only available in agencies that have been hand-picked as the agency meets the stringent training and eligibility requirements from Google.


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