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Talking To Those in Jail Easily

I would not have understood the reason everyone gripes and groans about going to see a family member or friend in jail until a friend of mine went to jail.

Then I found Securus. This company has made seeing my friend much easier.

In February 2016, they launched their app. The number of downloads for Apple skyrocketed the first week, ending at over 5,000 times. Android downloads numbered over 6,000 after the first month. What a good start to the app, right?

The best thing about the app is what it does with cell and wifi signals. As everyone most likely already knows, Securus deals mainly with making sure that scheduling visits – whether video or in-person – with a friend or family member in jail is easier. The app scans cell signals and wifi signals to see if the area is good for video signals.

Furthermore, the app allows users to sync their calendars across a variety of mobile devices and their website. This allows the user to create reminders for whatever visits they have coming up. This has been incredibly useful for me; I forget dates all the time.

Last time I forgot a date, I missed my friend’s birthday and the special surprise visit I had set up. Needless to say, it’s been very difficult to get another surprise visit.

Another function of this app is that inmate phone calls can be made right from the device the app has been downloaded on. Now, video calls don’t have to be made from home with a webcam and a computer; they can be made on vacation, at a restaurant, or even at a birthday party if necessary.

The Securus video visitationĀ app has been a lifesaver for me. If it weren’t for this app, I would most likely miss all the visits I set up, and that would really make my friend upset.

Download the Google Play App:

Note: Securus Techonologies is not affiliated with the website Securus America nor is it affiliated with the health supplement Securus.


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