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Technology Marketing Solutions Gives Innovative Award to Talk Fusion

Small business owners around the globe are excited about the new video chat capabilities from Talk Fusion. This innovative program recently won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award from Technology Marketing Solutions.

The development team at Talk Fusion is equally enthusiastic about what this new capability can do for small businesses who lack a large marketing budget. The video chat program is based on open source WebRTC technology. Users on any platform can watch the videos without having to install special equipment because it is all based in html and JavaScript. Those businesses who have already paid for large conferencing rooms and equipment will not be at a loss because they can now add new clients to their existing networks at no additional cost.

Imagine the possibilities for real-time communications across different platforms. Talk Fusion, however, did not end their innovations there. They further developed templates allowing businesses to easily embed videos inside emails. They also developed video newsletters allowing families, charities and businesses to easily keep everyone in the loop.

Furthermore, they developed a live meeting platform where up to 500 people can attend the meeting without having to download any new software. At the same time, these video meetings can be recorded to share later with those who were unable to attend or as a record of what went on at the meeting.

Talk Fusion loves to work with its clients. Therefore, they would love to hear about how you are planning to use this new program that allows everyone to communicate in real time. They know that the best ideas come from other business owners that are willing to share what is working for them.

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