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Watching Securus Video Commercials Warms My Heart

I have seen quite a few Securus commercials featuring families connecting for the holidays, and I get a good feeling from them every time. Our family has been in a similar situation, and I hate to think inmates cannot call their families. Securus provides us with the video connection we need, and this article explains why we share the videos with anyone in a bad situation this Christmas season.


#1: What Does The Video Link Do?


Securus is an application you we may use on our phone, tablets and computers. I have been given quite a lot of time with my brother and sister who are in jail, and Securus connects us on every call. I have propped up my phone several times to talk to them on my lunch break, and I plan to use the computer at home when we have family dinner a few days before Christmas.


#2: The Sound Is Clear


I love watching the Securus Christmas videos because each person can clearly hear in their calls. The calls remind me that we are doing a lovely thing for our family, and I know the children in the family appreciate it more than anyone else. We cannot reach the jail easily, and we use Securus as our form of visitation. The jails have been kind enough to set the system up for us, and I am proud to maintain my Securus for my family.


#3: Everyone May Use Securus


I appreciate that Securus is not exclusive. Their service may be used by anyone at any time. I have taught several older members of my family to use Securus, and the children in the family are familiar with the technology. The walls are torn down between us as we use Securus, and I feel as though we are not all that separate. I want our family to be together for as long as possible over the holidays, and I would not use any other service for a video call.


I saw my first video visitation commercial a while back, and I have fallen in love with the technology. Securus has won my heart as they help us speak to your family, and I know other families feel the same. We are not alone in a world where prison terms are a reality, and I love feeling as though our lives have change forever because of Securus’ technology.



Heaven Freddy says:

Their marketing team has really marketed what they have to offer on a larger scale and it is important for the people out their to have knowledge about them. Using superior papers reviews as a guild might open up on some aspects of the technology and some things it has helped some correctional facilities achieved in the community and I think that the technology is going to be around for a while.

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