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When We Rely on Securus Technologies for Help

My job as a corrections officer can be dangerous to the point that I must be on my toes every second if I want to go home to my family at night. The minute we allow the inmates to have even a little power, they will take that opportunity and make someone pay. Although we are outnumbered by the inmates, we do have several checks in place that allow us to maintain order throughout the day.


When you bring drugs into the equation, especially in prison, then you are making a very bad situation deadly. The reason being is that these inmates are hard enough to keep in line when they are not on drugs, bring heroin or crack into that mix, and you need a half-dozen officers to maintain order with a single inmate. My team is usually working hard at the visitor center to keep all types of drugs from getting into the hands of those inmates, but it is not an exact science.


Securus Technologies has been installing their inmate call monitoring system in jails around the country for years. The company CEO, Richard Smith, developed an objective all his employees are dedicated to working towards, making this world a safer place for all to live. With thousands of these units installed, and over a thousand employees at your service, you can see why our prison jumped at the chance to have the system installed.


The LBS software is the key to the success of the monitoring system, spotting key conversations and alerting officers of trouble. This month for instance, we have been alerted to inmates using drugs in their cell, who was asked to mail drugs to the jail, and where one inmate is hiding his drugs to keep from being charged with the possession of them.



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